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Download YouTube for iPhone and Android with the latest features

 Download the official YouTube app for Android phones and tablets. Find out what users around the world are watching, from music video trends to popular video game videos, fashion and beauty, news, education and more. You can also subscribe to your favorite channels, create content, share it with friends, and watch videos on any device.

1 install for iphone

To securely install the YouTube app for  iPhone  from the Emad Store in its upgraded version, click on Install for iPhone marked under the line shown above. If it did not install or any problem appeared on it after downloading, you can install it with Certificate 2 from this link:

When downloading the YouTube app for iPhone, we must first ensure that the applications certificate is working by following our accounts on social networking sites with the user @emad1saleh@ where we publish tweets and publications announcing that the applications are working.

And to download the YouTube application for  Android  from the Emad Store with its wonderful and developed features:

Download for Android 1  Download for Android

Download YouTube for iPhone and Android

Watch the content and subscribe to the channel

● View recommended videos from the [Home] tab.

● Watch the latest videos from your favorite channels in the Subscriptions tab.

● Go to your library and find videos you've watched, videos you've rated highly, and videos you've saved for later.

Explore different topics to get to know the amazing and up-and-coming creators (available in some countries)

● Watch the latest videos about music, beauty, news, education and more.

● In the Explore tab, you can see trends on YouTube and around the world.

● Meet top creators, players, and emerging artists (available in some countries).

Connect to the YouTube community

● Follow the work of your favorite creators in posts, stories, premieres and live broadcasts.

● Join current conversations by posting comments and interacting with other creators and community members.

Create content from mobile devices

● Create or upload videos directly in the application.

● Communicate with viewers in real time by streaming live content directly from the app.

Choose the experience that works for you and your family (this feature is available in some countries)

● Every family has their own style of watching videos online. Visit youtube.com/myfamily to see the options available: the YouTube Kids app and the supervised experience with new parents.

Support your favorite creators with channel membership (available in some countries)

● Offer a paid membership and join channels to support their work.

● Join affiliate forums by taking advantage of the exclusive benefits offered by the channel.

● Use the loyalty badge that appears next to your username to stand out from the crowd in comments and live chat.

Upgrade to YouTube Premium (available in some countries)

● Watch videos without ads when using other apps or when the screen is locked.

● Save the video to watch later, for example when you're on a plane or on the go.

● Use your YouTube Music Premium subscription as part of your benefits.

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