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Download Facebook for iPhone and Android with the latest features

 Connect with friends, family, and people who share similar interests. You can connect privately, watch your favorite content, buy and sell items, and spend time in the community. On Facebook, it's easy to keep up with the people who matter most. Discover, have fun and do more together.

1 install for iphone

To securely install the Facebook application for  iPhone  from the Emad Store in its developed version, click on Install for the iPhone marked under it with the line shown above.

When downloading the Facebook application for iPhone, it must first be ensured that the applications certificate is working by following our accounts on social networking sites with the user @emad1saleh@ where we publish tweets and publications announcing that the applications are working.

And to download the Facebook application for  Android  from the Emad Store with its wonderful and developed features:

Download for Android 1  Download for Android

Facebook for iPhone and Android

Always have information with your loved ones:

• Share your thoughts, announce major life events through posts, and celebrate everyday life's moments with stories.

• Express yourself through your profile and posts, keep in touch with your friends, watch, interact and interact.


Connect with groups and people who share your interests:

• With tens of millions of groups, you will find something to suit all your interests and discover more groups that are relevant to you.

• Use the Groups tab as a hub to quickly access all the content in the group. Use our new detection tools and recommendations to find relevant groups based on your interests.

Join the community more:

• Find out what events are happening near you, the companies you want to support, and the local groups and activities you participate in.

• Check out local recommendations from your friends, coordinate with them and plan to meet each other.

• Instruct people who wish to raise money for purposes of interest to you, help them reach their goals, and contact others to find supplies, food, and shelter in the event of a local crisis.

Enjoy entertainment on your watch:

• Discover all kinds of content, from original shows to trending videos on topics like creators, beauty, sports and entertainment.

• Participate in conversations, share with others, interact with viewers and creators, and watch with them like never before.

Buying and selling in the market:

• Find everything from household items to your next car or apartment on the market, whether it's daily necessities or something else.

• List the items for sale and communicate easily with buyers and sellers via the messenger

Please read our data usage policies and conditions and other important information in the legal section of the App Store description.

Using GPS always running in the background may shorten battery life. Facebook will only turn on GPS in the background if you turn on an optional feature that requires GPS and give permission.

It has many features that distinguish Facebook from other social networking sites.

1- Anyone can create a free Facebook account

Anyone can create a Facebook account for free. Therefore, Facebook is one of the most famous and most popular social networking sites because it makes huge profits through advertising on the site.

2- Facebook provides the ability to upload photos and share them with friends and the general public

Facebook users can upload one or more photos as a photo album and manage their privacy through settings.

3- Create a personal or company page

With Facebook, you can create pages and share them with your loved ones, whether for group fun or for work.

4- Live video function

Facebook provides users with live video capabilities. This feature allows you to share an event via live broadcast, and viewers can comment on it to make it easier to share or join a video with audio or video.

5. Privacy function

Facebook's most important features are posts, photos, friends list, date of birth, place of residence, survey as well as using the phone number you provided or your email address. Regardless, you can control who can search for you. Facebook users can also control who can post on the timeline and who can see it. much more.

6. Blocking function

Facebook users can block users or pages, so blocked users will not be able to find your profile, view comments, likes, or contact you.

An important feature of Facebook that not many people know about:

1- Save videos, images or links to view later at any time.

You often don't have time to watch the important videos or links that you need, so Facebook offers the ability to save the link to watch it later and use it at the right time to complete the save process. It can be done. As follows:

2- Turn off the video autoplay feature.

This feature can be used to turn off the video autoplay feature as it consumes mobile data and Wi-Fi and causes inconvenience while browsing. You can turn it off by following the steps below.

Click Settings.

Please select a video.

Click Stop next to video autoplay.

3-You can update your profile picture from a normal photo to a video.

You can change your profile picture from a normal photo to a video by going to your profile, clicking on the photo, and selecting Upload video.

4- Stop the game request:

You can stop if you don't mind the frequent and annoying game requests by going to the Settings tab, selecting Notifications, and canceling the game request. On the other hand, games can be considered as one of the fun features that Facebook offers to its users. .

5- Activity log:

This allows you to see all the activities you've done on Facebook, including comments, likes, and shares, and you can refer to them as needed in the following ways:

Go to your profile.

Select Activity Log next to your name on the right side of the top of the page.

6- Erecting a monument:

Facebook users choose to decide what happens to their accounts after death, choose to permanently delete their account after death, and recommend this agency to contacts who can manage information created after death. You can do this. You will not be able to post the text under your name or see your message.

7. Most Popular Features:

Facebook allows users to learn about the most popular and used words and topics and keep up with the latest news. This feature allows you to enter common words (most common words) in the settings menu or in the search box.

8 floors:

Stories disappear after 24 hours, so you can add stories without having to download them to your profile. You can control the privacy of your story by selecting Settings and clicking Story Settings.

9-Face recognition features:

The Facebook system recognizes the face of a tagged photo or video by comparing it to the profile photo or photo that has been tagged.

10- Advertising function:

Facebook allows users to promote their business, organization or personal pages, so that the pages reach more users in return for paying a lot of money to Facebook.

There are too many features to be confined to one article, and every time Facebook is updated, new features are added and old ones are updated.

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