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Download Instagram Rocket for iPhone and Android with the latest features

  With Instagram (from Facebook), you can create photos, stories, and videos to share with your friends and followers. You can connect with your friends, share what you're doing and find out what's new from others around the world. Feel free to explore a community where you can be yourself and share everything from everyday moments to life highlights.

2 install for  iPhone

To securely install the Instagram Rocket app for   iPhone  from the Emad Store in its developed version, click on Install for iPhone marked under it with the line shown above.

تثبيت للايفون 1 و 3 install for iphone

أو يمكن تثبيته بشهاده 3 من هنا:

تثبيت للايفون 4 install for iphone

When downloading the Instagram Rocket application for iPhone, it must first be ensured that the certificate of applications is working by following our accounts on social networking sites with the user @emad1saleh@ where we publish tweets and posts announcing that the applications are working.

And to download the Instagram Rocket application for  Android  from the Emad Store, with its wonderful and developed features:

Download for Android 1  Download for Android

Download Instagram Rocket for iPhone and Android

INSTA Reels offers a new way to create and discover funny short videos. You can watch, like, comment and share videos on Lil in the exclusive Explore space.

* Use the INSTA reels to watch and create clips as short as 15 seconds.

Add special effects, background music, face filters, emojis and stickers to bring your ideas to life

Upload creative videos and expand your audience with Explore

Enjoy millions of fun, educational and educational videos

Watch the video on Instagram Reel and share it with your friends

* Add photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours to your Instagram story and bring it to life with fun creative tools.

Stories allow you to easily share the moments of the day and your posts and bring your stories to life with text, music, stickers and GIFs.

Share memes in person with friends and have a conversation

Boomerang creates fun little videos that repeat the moment you catch them. On the other hand, Super Zoom allows you to add special effects while the camera is automatically zoomed in.

Add sounds to your story to interact with your friends and followers

Choose a specific close friend who can view and post your video

Pin your favorite memories to your profile and make your story special

* Send a direct message to your friends

Start a fun chat with one or more friends about feeds, stories and what's on the INSTA reels.

Video chat to communicate wherever you are

Find out what's trending from your favorite account and send it to your friends

You can send messages to your friends, share posts privately, and receive chat notifications

* Post photos and videos to the INSTA feed

Upload photos and videos directly from your mobile library

Share content instantly with your followers

Post the photos and videos you want to display on your profile to your cards

Post short video and photo updates from the moment of your life

Get notified when someone values ​​or comments on your post

* Search, explore and learn more about what interests you

* Follow your favorite bands, celebrities, actors, athletes and singers to get live updates

* View skits, movie scenes, news updates, music shows, sporting events and more from your favorite pages

* Check out the long videos of your favorite INSTA creators on IGTV.

* Discover brands and connect with local SMBs

* Buy a product that suits your personal taste.

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