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Android problems solutions


 1- Short battery life problem:

This problem exists for most smartphone users today and is not limited to Android devices. This problem is definitely caused by heavy pressure on the battery, and the phone is always doing a lot of work and consuming it. The battery is very fast, but surely you can do something to reduce this fast consumption by using the power saving mode that is present by default on most phones and controlling the screen brightness. Increase. In addition to positioning options, positioning services are one of the most energy-intensive on smartphones.

If that doesn't help, it's a good idea to enter your battery usage to see what's draining your battery. It could be an app that shuts down the battery, like Facebook. Delete or replace this application.

2- Slow phone:

This problem is mainly due to a weakness in the hardware of the phone itself, but if you notice that the phone is slow, you can solve it by reducing the number of running apps. In addition to cleaning the cache from time to time as it is one of the main causes of slow calls.

3- Network problems:

Whether you're on mobile or Wi-Fi, if you're having trouble connecting to the network, you can simply activate Airplane mode for a short while, turn it off, and try again. This is almost always the way to success.

4- The message could not be sent:

This problem usually occurs when you are not connected to the network for the first time. We recommend that you first make sure you are connected to the internet or mobile network, then cancel the message and resend it if the problem persists.

5- Synchronization problem:

One of the most common problems and the solution is very simple. First, you need to make sure that your internet connection is correct, and then make sure that your account information is completely correct and that your account is working properly. If the problem persists, try deleting the account and then adding it again.

6- The application will stop using:

There are many reasons for this problem, but in my opinion, if you exit the application, close it completely, drag the application from the list of open applications and close it, you can turn it on again and use it.

7- The phone screen is not answering:

If it's an annoying problem and you're pissed off, you can explain the problem to a broken phone on the room floor, but I don't like this solution at all. We recommend that you restart your phone. Then, if it goes back to normal and you don't have access to the power options, you can do what's called a hard reset. This varies from phone to phone. For example, on my phone, I press the power button. With the volume up button, previous phones had a small hole that a needle could be inserted into to press the hard reset button.

8- Google Play Store Suddenly Stopped Working

The problem is mainly with the app cache, all you have to do is go to settings, app, Google Play Store and clear the app cache.

9- The application cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

There are many causes for the problem. The memory is full and clearing some data to free up space may be the solution, or it could be due to a cache issue. Then you need to clear the cache. You can also clear history from the store and the store itself.

10- Your kids buy apps from the Google Play Store:

Fully lock your phone and unlock it yourself so it's only available to you, or enter the Google Play Store settings and select the option to request confirmation before each purchase can do so.

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