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 Choosing a success story

Al-Baik's success story

Successful companies and projects

We have the owners reach the caliphs, the success story of pick-up restaurants succeeded with lessons and lessons to reach the owner of Lamiab Ghazala., We provide this story in this article to take care of Me Muhanna.

Choosing a success story

Choosing a success story

What is the success of the selection success?

The pick-up success story, according to the mandarmebab Ghazala Sendha, in the short term:

Lami's father has a restaurant idea when deciding to look for a restaurant that serves healthy and clean meals in the kingdom that deals with homes out food and homes out food. He researched the usefulness of the kingdom. The idea for the restaurant started in 1974 and was a rarity on the meals in the restaurant, there was a popular Abjek chicken, the number of visitors was strange, it was strange to the community, Lamy's father had a great claim if she succeeded. Parents were created by their father, who passed away from the opponent's death and died in the company's premium contract.

Two years later, the eldest son of the university graduated from "petroleum minerals", graduated from the university, the road and thought how to complete the problem that begins with his father.

After Lami and charity, he was linked to a letter from millions of banks, graduated from university in two years, banks are two options for all properties, or any two-year payments or reservation payments you gave him.

But they paid in two years, and that extra motivation was theirs, and they chose the first option to claim their project.

They were sending a life of financial finance. Mostly heading mostly to the ceiling in the office, I canceled the tea and coffee I worked in a very small office, successfully developing their business in a good direction I suffered that I learned all about my business.

Ehsan independently helped them with his work, moving to France to study this "management technology". As a hoax symposium on the success of the selection success, I came to the tongue of the engineers. “We bought a secret mixture from a company, and this was expensive, we need to know about these companies, but even if we don’t know, customers are secret when we work with mixtures and develop and develop them, we consider this stage 3 to 4 years, and every day we are one From the secret shops the door is shipped to the car and I work myself, we bring the mixture, we go to the production center for me. A very necessary business you want to start a new job for any young man."

Yes, I would like you to succeed in realizing that my job is not unfavorable to you for what you want.

After the new issue appeared, the success story of the selection was far from over. This was a new issue. It was necessary to distinguish the restaurant from other restaurants so that the customer had a difference. It is the language of Pasha's meaning is the Ottoman Empire.

Beck's successful story learns to be desperate for what we want and claim hard work.

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