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VN video editor best video montage app download latest version

 VN, a professional video editor and producer for iPhone and Android, you can become an outstanding producer with this VN video editor maker.

 Simple yet powerful as a desktop editor, VN is suitable for both novice and professional users. The powerful editing function is very easy to use hence it is called VN Mobile Premiere. 

Video makers can create more exciting videos with VN. 

Easy editing * Zoom in/out scheduling * Tap to split, drag, delete and repeat videos. * Save the draft for whenever you need a break
Customize background music/soundtrack * Add your own music to VN * Emphasize the beat of the music * Support a lot of soundtracks and set the duration; * Share music in different styles
Cool video effects * Support free video speed change * 4 video transition styles * More than 20 video filters
Powerful translation tool Add slide titles and text layers in timeline Change font, color and subtitle size Adjust subtitle duration
Easily share and save original videos * Save original videos to your camera roll * Share instantly to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more via web link

VN is also registered in your life. With VN Video Editor Maker, everyone can be friends for life to capture the beautiful moments of Lens in VN and enjoy the movie fun in a refreshing way. 
VN app is easy and free to use without watermarks. Friendly interactive VN experience, fast video material import and powerful editing feature to make editing more efficient. Beginners can get started quickly and create a satisfying video. Professionals are satisfied with your editing needs. Anyone can effectively create high quality video and share the wonderful life with friends. 

human interactive interface
(Precise Editing) Smoothly import video into VN app with easy to use editing interface. Easy to approach with a finger. The main tire hole has to be cut in 0.05 seconds. 

(Delete and sort) swipe up and down to delete the clip; Long press on clips to capture and share sort. Support multiple videos and images embedded in the video indefinitely. 

(Save Draft) Automatically save every step for you and allows you to continue editing the unfinished video anytime and anywhere in the editing process,
(Convenient Recording) Human voice recording interaction, easy to record narration to make the video more interesting. 

(Full Screen Preview) Easily preview your work in the editing process. 

More cool and special effects
(Curve Transfer) In addition to regular shifting, VN supports curve transfer, allowing video speed effects to be achieved. Provide 6 predefined curves for your reference. 

(Filter setting) More than 9 types, 50 types of film sensitive filters. Adjust the filter parameters yourself to achieve your preferred color hue. 

(Transition Effects) More than 9 built-in transition modes to choose from, such as fade, dark, etc. Set the transition time speed so that your video is not too monotonous. 

(Reverse Zoom \\\\ u0026) The reverse function makes the video more interesting. 6 zoom modes available to choose from. 

(Key Frame Animation) By adding key frames to text, stickers, videos and other materials, you can easily create accurate animation effects. 19 'Animation' presets to easily achieve great video effects. 

(Picture in Picture) Add videos, photos, stickers and graphics from the main window to make your videos even more unique. 

Freedom to import materials
(Free Import) Supports importing music, sound effects, fonts and stickers via AirDrop and Wi-Fi. Easily meet your video creation needs. Supports batch zipper import to VN. 

(Musical Rhythms) Add rhythms to the music track to make the video more rhythmic. 

(Multiple Tracks) Supports adding multiple music and sound effects. Freely drag and drop the playing time and adjust the volume independently. 

creative template
(Custom Template) Create Music \\ Video Format u0026 to create awesome rhythm video. 

(VN Story) Use VN "Default Story" or create "My Story" to write a story based on textual reasoning. Add photos and videos to your story and follow a few simple steps to create your vlog. 

(Fixed frame) Select any video image and create a 1.5-second image to easily "hang" an effect. 

More great translations
(Text Effects) Customize the animation with keyframes or presets to make your subtitles more interesting. 

(Subtitle type) It includes a variety of subtitle types, and you can set the text size, position and rotation angle freely. 

(Font Style) More than 10 fonts and 40 built-in colors. It supports transparency adjustment and you can choose from a variety of styles. 

(Article Duration) Set the Article Duration by dragging and dropping. 

Video quality
(Custom Export Settings) Customize resolution and frame rate. Support 4K resolution, 60 frames per second and local save. 

(HD Share) Support to share on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tic Tac and other platforms. 

The VN app is not only your life recorder, but it also makes you your life manager. Save your amazing moments on VN and enjoy the video in a refreshing way.