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The world's 10 largest technology companies for 2021

 The Corona crisis has caused the bankruptcy of many companies and the collapse of the employment sector in many countries, which has benefited technology companies, which are one of the few beneficiaries of the closures.

The world's 10 largest technology companies for 2021

According to Forbes' 2021 list of the world's largest companies, the number of technology companies on the list has risen to a record 177 among the 2,000 companies on the list.

Forbes relies on four main indicators in determining its list: assets, market value, sales and profits.

Apple topped the list of companies for the sixth year in a row, jumping from second to sixth on the main list of companies in various sectors, with a market capitalization of $2.3 trillion and sales of $239.9 billion in the previous fiscal year. public.

South Korea's Samsung Electronics came in second, but its market value was much less than Apple's of $510.5 billion, but its sales were $200.7 billion.

In all, all technology companies included in Forbes' 2000 Largest Companies list come from 22 countries, with a combined market capitalization of $17.9 trillion, up about 73% year-on-year. The total amount of the US stock market.

The US company Alphabet came in third place with a market value of $1.5 trillion, while its sales amounted to $182.4 billion, and Microsoft came in fourth place with a market value of $2 trillion and sales of $153.3 billion.

Tencent is the only Chinese company in the list of the 20 largest technology companies in the world, and ranked fifth, with annual sales up 28% to $70 billion.

Sixth, Facebook's revenue is $0.871 trillion, and revenue is $86 billion, followed by Intel in seventh place, with revenue of $77.9 billion, and market capitalization of $0.264 trillion.

According to Forbes, the American company IBM ranked eighth with a market value of $0.119 trillion and sales of nearly $73.6 billion, followed by "Taiwan Semiconductor" with sales of $48.1 billion and a market value of $0.558 trillion.

Finally, the American technology company Oracle ranked 10th, with revenues of 39.7 billion dollars and a market capitalization of about 2.28 trillion dollars.

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