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Sony A7R Mark IV Camera Specifications

 Sony A7R Mark IV Camera Specifications

Exclusive technical mission:

 Sony Middle East and Africa announced the much-anticipated A7Riv. This is a new behemoth that joins the Alpha™ 7R series of unparalleled full-frame HD cameras. Sony chose the code ILCE-7RM4 for its new camera and invited us and a diverse group of photography enthusiasts to a special event at Studio Garage in Arkuoz, Dubai.

During the event, Sony presented a special presentation on the advanced specifications of the new camera. Compared to the previous generation of the Alpha 7R camera, the most prominent Sony additions to this camera can be summarized as follows:

The world's first 61.0 MP full-frame back-illuminated CMOS CMOS sensor.

The True Tracking AF system is similar to what Sony introduced with the Alpha 9 camera.

The larger the handle, the better the control of the camera

Upgrade the joystick button to make it more user-friendly.

15 levels dynamic range 15 dynamic range

The viewfinder has the highest resolution in the world today with 5.76 million dots.

Support UHS II flash memory cards in both card slots, not only the main slot

As always at Sony events, the company attended several photography stations under the supervision of the most prominent brand ambassador led by Ali Al-Rafi and a Korean photographer. I have had the opportunity to take great pictures at the events I am sharing with you in this article.

Image Provider: TechMission

Photo by Tech Mission during the event

Sony's new Alpha 7R IV camera delivers exceptional image quality and clarity, and its AF system is arguably the best in the world today.


For this camera, Sony has announced the world's first all-new back-illuminated CMOS sensor with advanced image noise cancellation technology, even at high ISO levels. The sensor also offers a new level of dynamic range of 15-stops, allowing you to shoot in light range conditions from shadows to bright highlights in the same image. The sensor also uses an advanced color science display system that produces excellent results.

IBIS Body Image Stabilization System

Sony installed an in-camera high-efficiency 5-axis image stabilization system on the fourth-generation Alpha A7R camera. This slows down shooting at 5.5 shutter speeds and improves shooting results in dark places.

advanced specifications

The Alpha 7R IV also offers the most accurate UXGA OLED Tru-finder to date with a resolution of 5.76 million dots. It produces fine detail approximately 1.6 times that of the Alpha 7R III. This viewfinder allows you to select high-quality modes for true, natural, high-resolution images. The quality mode can be selected from "Standard" or "High", and the frame rate is 60 or 120 frames per second, which can be selected according to the subject and shooting conditions.

In addition, the new camera is equipped with a multi-pixel shift shooting function, and the pixel shift function allows you to take 16 photos several times. This enhanced feature operates the sensor in 0.5 pixel or 1 pixel increments in a programmed order to capture an image that has been offset by 16 pixels. These images are superimposed on a single high-resolution 240.8 megapixel (19008 x 12672 pixels) image of the original image. 963.2 Megapixels using the Imaging desktop app. Edge™. These enhanced modes reproduce still images of architecture, art, and more with incredible precision in vibrant detail, textures, colors, moods, and settings.

Shooting speed and editing

Up to 10 frames/sec for continuous photos

Continuous auto focus on the eye for shooting videos and photos

Continuous face AF in video and photography

Realistic video and photo tracking system

567 AF frames

APS-C shooting 26.2 MP

 Image Provider: TechMission

Photo by Tech Mission during the event

the design

Sony offers several design improvements based on the opinions of photographers around the world, the most important of which are:


Expanded handle size for easy carrying

Increase the size of the AF-ON button

Best joystick design

Improve battery life with up to 760 screens and up to 530 viewfinders

New accessories

Sony announced two new accessories for its new camera.

VG-C4EM Vertical Handle

Double battery life

Easy to carry and manage

Enhanced resistance to dust and moisture

ECM-B1M Router Microphone

Eight microphone units with newly developed signal processing algorithm to provide three selectable sharp directions in one compact microphone.

Sharp, directional pickup with a compact body that measures just 99.3 mm (4 in) in length.

Connect to the Alpha 7 RIV through the Alpha 7 RIV's Hot Shoe multi-port with digital audio interface.

Sony Alpha A7Riv camera price

This camera is available in the UAE market at a price of 14,999 dirhams as of mid-September 2019.

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