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Solve the problem of blocking iodel for iPhone and Android

  Some people have a problem that stops and does not open the camera program or the photo studio program, and today we will present in this video some solutions to this problem

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The problem of turning off the camera in Android devices is solved by restarting in two stages: (1) Restarting the camera: The problem may be caused by long use of the camera. It's helpful to exit the camera app, wait 30 times again, and turn it on again. Reboot the device: It might help fix the problem, which is an easy and quick fix. Clear Cache: Users can use it to clear the cache data by: (2) Clear the camera app cache by the following: Go to the home screen and open the apps(s). Click on Settings and then click on Application Manager. Swipe from right to left to open the All tab. Click Clear Cache. Clear the cache of all other apps by the following: Go to the home screen and open the apps. Click on "Settings" , then click Storage. By clicking on the Cached data option, confirm that you want to delete the data by clicking on the OK button. Updating the device software Updating the device software can help solve the problem, this is done through the following steps: (1) Open the device settings. Click on the “About Device” option. Clicking "System Update" or "Software Update". Other actions to solve the problem Other actions that can help solve the problem: (3) Run safe mode to make sure that there are no other applications interfering with the work of the unit by clicking on the power button and then clicking on the option to turn off for a long time, click on the “Mode” option Security". Format the external memory card (SD card), remove it from the device, transfer all files to the computer, then go back and start the device. 

Or download alternative applications

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