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Review and explanation of the Twitter application

 What is Twitter and what should you use it for? Twitter is a microblogging system that allows you to send and receive short messages called tweets. Tweets can be up to 140 characters long and can contain links to related websites and resources. 

Twitter users follow other users. If you follow someone, you can see your tweets in the Twitter Timeline. You can decide to follow people and organizations with similar academic and personal interests as yours. 

You can create your own tweets, or you can get tweet information, which you tweet from others. Retweets mean that information can be shared quickly and efficiently with a large number of people. 


Why use Twitter? Twitter is increasingly popular with students, students, policy makers, politicians and the public. Many users are having trouble understanding Twitter and how they can use it, but now it is the choice of social media platforms for many. 

Tweets mean that Twitter is widely used by smartphone users who don't want to read any long content items on the screen. 

Twitter allows you to:

Promote your research, for example, by providing connections to your blog stories, magazageartacls and news posts, a large number of people quickly through tweets, reposts by experts and other recent news with the latest news and developments, and share with others, Infecting new Audiensk comments comments for your business Introducing Fermallov FillexBack and applying it to events, such as conferences, that Personaxpress doesn't accept as a person. 

What should Twitter?

The type of information you tweet can depend on whether you tweet as an individual or as an organization, project or group. 

If you have a personal Twitter account, you can mix tweets about your research with tweets about other things that are interesting to you, and the reasons. NS. Hobbies News stories and general notes. Travel the non-academic aspects of your life that can help you follow an interesting person to follow. 

If you are on behalf of an organization, project, or Tweet group, you can only send Tweets related to research. Twitter is a relatively informal communication tool, so don't be afraid to embrace a personal, friendly, and gentle approach to Tweeting. 

Examples of things you can Tweet Tweet you with new posts or resources