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Review and explanation of the Tik Tok application

 What is Tktok? Tiktok (originally called Musical. LY) is a social network for sharing user generated videos, mainly for stamping songs for popular songs. Users can create and raise their own videos, lip licking, singing, dancing or talking. You can also browse and interact with other users' content, covering a wide range of topics, songs and styles. These videos can be grouped by hashtag that often meets current challenges, waters, or events (I. Epandemie)

How safe is Tktok? Using any social network can be dangerous, but kids use the app safely with adult supervision (and a private account). Tiktok has different rules for different ages:
Users under the age of 13 cannot post videos or comments, and the content is addressed to a young audience. 

For children between the ages of 13 and 15, private accounts are by default; Only friends can respond to videos, other users cannot with their own videos (can be explained below. 

Only 16 users can use and use Livestream messaging directly, and only users over 18 years old can buy, send or receive virtual gifts. 

Tiktok also saves some parents from limiting some kids to app spending and what kids can see. Parents can also use Limited mode to reduce frame content or Family Safety mode to fully control their children's account. 

How does Tktok work? TIK TOK users log in using a phone number, email address, or a third party account such as Facebook and Instagram. Once connected, you can search for popular creators, categories (comedy, animals, sports) and hash to find videos. Or you can use your contacts by phone or social media trailers to find friends already in the app. Many kids on TIC tuck like to make videos, but many people don't advertise themselves - they simply use the app to find creators and go. 

Is Tactuk suitable for children? If you monitor your kids, use the security settings, and follow the same on songs you already know, Tiktok can be a kid-friendly experience. The focus on poking around poking around in popular music means that many swear videos and include sexual texts so they can't be happy until kids can use them on their own. Even with the limits, it's easy to find people who offer vision and dance costumes, so Tktok doesn't search for annoying content like "porn". As with social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, Tikok has a commercial element that encourages kids to buy things. Users can also earn TKTOK reward points by asking friends to download the app, then you can redeem these points for vouchers for brands like Sephora and Uber. You will find many other marketing opportunities. 

What age is tiktok for? This is a healthy thought, the app recommends the 15-year-old app, mainly due to data protection issues and frame content. Tikok requires users who are at least 13 years old to use the full Tiktok experience, although there is a way for younger children to access the app. Under 18s must have parental or guardian permission - but there are many younger users. 
Can children under 13 use betactok? If your young child or young person wants to use the app, there is a section of the app under the age of 13, including additional safety and privacy features. Children can only see videos from Qatar, and you may not respond, search or post their videos. However, the lack of these features makes it unattractive for most kids, and around this section it only requires Date of Birth and False, so it's not ideal. The clip is only available in the United States. It was introduced in 2019, after the writer settled with the Federal Trade Commission for Children's Special Persuasion from Tactuk, the musical. for any. 

How do you make your own Tiktok account? To make your Tiktok account private, go to your profile page and select the three dotted icons in the upper left corner. On the Settings & Privacy page, tap Privacy. Take you to the paper. Replace the key for a private account. On this page, you can also control other safety and privacy features, such as who can send notes and messages directly, and who can do with you duet. By selecting members or operating these features completely with strangers. 

How do I delete a Tiktok video? To delete a Tiktok video your account has released, select the video you want to delete from your profile. From there, click the “.” icon in the lower right corner and select Delete (contains trash can. It will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the video. So it will be removed from your profile. 

How do I delete a Tiktok account? Deleting a Tiktok account takes a few steps. First, go to your profile, then select the “.” icon in the upper right corner. Select Manage Account. Tiktok requires you to make sure the account you want to delete belongs to you, so you may need to enter a third party like Google or add the phone number you used to register. After setting up the account, you will receive a connection code that allows you to delete your account. 

How can I use Tiktok with my children? You can provide a buffer between IFFY children's content by watching your children making a video together. Offer to hold the camera or turn it on to make the duo a selfie. You can post it or keep it "private" so only you can see it. The app also allows you to share videos by email, text or other social media where you have better control over it, so kids can perform with friends and relatives instead of a wider network of people. 

How are you duet on tiktok? Tiktok has a feature that allows users who are not in the same place to perform DUET. Users have to follow this app to make it work. One user creates and sculpts the video, then mutual sterilization can tap into the 'censor' at the bottom right of the video. The second user can then sync with the first person, swapping back and forth or on a split screen. 

What are the challenges of TikTok? Challenges are all this idea going viral. It can be songs, activities or dances that start with an acquaintance and then copied by users on the platform. Sometimes it's spontaneous, but sometimes brands and music artists mean it or influence marketing purposes. The most popular challenges, such as number dancing, complex shrill and pranks such as refrigerator mixing and harmful mixing. But some, like Skull Crusher, are really dangerous. Learn more about viral internet challenges and how to talk to your child about them. 
Does Tiktok have the main control? Tiktok offers several ways for parents to manage children's accounts. You can enable time content and filtering on your child's phone and protect settings with an access token, or you can download your own Tiktok, create your account, and use the Match Family theme to manage your child's Tiktok settings with your phone. (If you select Set family, you'll need your child's phone to sync settings.)

Here's how to turn on screen restrictions and filter content on your child's phone: Go to your child's account and tap the three dots in the upper left corner of the user's profile. Then select "Wellbeing Digital" next to the umbrella icon. From there, select the features you want to turn on:
Screen time management. This setting limits users to a maximum of 2 hours in the app, but you can limit it to 40 minutes. If you only allow it on your child's phone, select the access code to lock the setting. 

Limited case. Mature content blocks, but even with a filter on, kids who use the app may marry themselves to inappropriate videos. Setting lock with access code. 
To set Family Pairing, so you can manage the above settings, as well as safety and privacy, first download Tiktok to your phone and create an account. Then, make sure you have your child's phone and a handy Tiktok entry. 

family bonding. On both phones, tap the three dots next to User Profile; Tap on a family match and sync your account to your child using the QR code. 
Remember that kids can always re-download Tiktok and create a new account using another phone number or email address, so all the controls you allow are not appropriate. 

How can I monitor my child's activity on Tiktok? Besides the limited mode, there is no way to filter content on Tiktok, so parents are encouraged to share an account with children over the age of 13. This will allow you to initiate and announce what your child is watching. Parents of older children who are more resistant to spotting can ask about their favorite video creators and see their video to (with or without your child). Also, take the time to regularly look at the songs, videos, waters and challenges. 

What if my kid wants to get famous on Tiktok? While the safest way to use TikTok is with a private account, the app's social nature and the quick success of several of its stars - including Rally d'Amelio, a dancer who leads Tactuk fame to television - may beg your kids go into the audience. There is a huge temptation to get famous, including the Tiktok houses where groups of young creative people live and make videos - and the professionals make big money. Children observing this example may be convinced that they are doing or exchanging things they wouldn't normally do to get a larger audience. She may also be obsessed with virtual consent and approval, which is not healthy for her emotional interests. Parents can manage this by encouraging safe behavior and behaviour, and setting restrictions on the type of children to participate. 

Should I be concerned about TACKUK security? Many people and organizations - including the government a. S. AND A MEMBERSHIP LIKE Wells Fargo - concerned that the frequency addition TACKUC (based in China) is using the Hajj app on other countries. Tactuk's investigation found that the app's privacy policy and data collection methods are no worse than other social media apps, and that spy concerns may have been overridden. (However, the company is requested to use the application in China). 
However, Tiktok does not necessarily have a perfect track record when it comes to privacy and security. For example, they only recently fixed a bug that enabled the app to access the users panel (where you copy and paste storage) every three seconds, even when they're not using the app. It is also illegally stored by minors.