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AfterFocus app to take photos, isolate background and add background blur effect to make it look like taken with a professional camera, select the background with selection tools to isolate it, and save the edit as a project for editing at any time.

Add or import photos

The application completely transforms the look of the image, so that it becomes as if it was taken with a professional camera and not on the phone, by taking pictures with the camera, or importing a previously captured image from the phone gallery, and then through different ways the background is isolated from the main element to get a very impressive and amazing result that can be shared with Friends or keep them on the phone.

Different ways to isolate the background

The background is isolated through the application in more than one way, and all methods perform the same function in the other, but they differ according to your own style or according to the image itself sometimes, and when you take the picture or import it, you are asked how you want to isolate the background, and the application can isolate the background In these ways:

  • Automatic method This method is done by drawing in the center of the main element in the image and choosing the middle part of it through the selection tool, then drawing outside the main element in the back through the isolation tool, and the main part will separate the element from the background automatically, and simple modifications can be added to the main ingredient. Or the background in case there are errors in separating them.
  • Manual method This method is done entirely manually, you select the main element in the image with the red selection tool, and you must select the entire main part at the ends and the middle, and there are several sizes of the selection tool.

Edit the photo

After selecting the main part of the photo, you will go to the photo editing section, where you can control several important editing tools such as:

  • Control the degree and type of blur on the background and the sharpness of the edges of the main element.
  • Add a bokeh effect to the blurry background, making the lights circle the background.
  • Add ready-made filters on the main element, background, or both.
  • Add additional effects to the image, such as sharpening and darkening the edges of the image, among others.

Save different projects

When you are in the image editing section, you can save the current image with full editing details as a new project, this means that you can stop editing and then complete it at any time, and projects can be accessed in the main interface of the application so that projects are displayed greatly to distinguish them from others, and they can be modified once or delete them permanently from the list of projects.

  1. A great app for editing photos to look like they were taken with a professional camera.
  2. It isolates the main element from the background in the image.
  3. It adds a blurry effect to the background and makes it completely isolated.
  4. Take photo via camera or import from phone gallery.
  5. Automatic or manual removal of the parent.
  6. Great and easy tools to identify the main element in the photo.
  7. Control the degree of background blur and the resolution of the main element.
  8. Multiple filters can be applied to the background or the element.
  9. Save the modification as a new project that can be resumed at any time.

Download AfterFocus for iPhone and Android

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