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List of the best international electronic banks

List of the most famous electronic banks that allow financial transactions in most Arab countries. You can check the availability of the services of the bank of your choice in your Arab country through the bank’s website:

List of the best international electronic banks

1. Paypal:

Paypal electronic bank is one of the most famous and most important electronic banks leading in online payments, whether in the Arab world or the countries of the world in general, and many people describe it as the best electronic banks ever

There are about 254 million people who use this bank in their online financial transactions, as it allows all customers whether they are companies or individuals to transact easily and securely through their personal accounts or the websites of the bank.

The popularity of this bank is also due to its widespread use in more than 200 different countries. You can check the working of the bank in your country through the website of the bank itself.

One of the most important features of PayPal

•  You can only register for a PayPal account using an email address and an approved bank account.

•  You can withdraw funds to your bank account, credit card, paid Visa or MasterCard, according to the options available in your country.

•  You can use currencies other than the dollar, and there are about 25 currencies available with PayPal.

•  PayPal is still the most used platform for online financial transactions.

•  Not all the features and features of PayPal Bank are available to all countries of the world in one way, as the countries of the world are divided into more than one segment.

•  Countries that are not supported by PayPal in the first place, and cannot open an online account there.

•  Other countries where subscribers can only send money or buy and pay online, but cannot receive or withdraw money.

•  Other countries can only receive money, they cannot send money.

•  But in many countries, all services are available, such as receiving, sending and withdrawing money to a Visa, bank account, or check, and all of the above options may be available.

2. Pioneer:

Pioneer Bank is considered one of the largest and best electronic banks in the world and not only in the Arab countries. It provides services to Arab customers in the Arab world easily and easily, as it is supported by most of the traditional banks operating in the Arab countries, and its headquarters are in New York City.

One of the most important features of Payoneer Bank

•  Payoneer enables you to have a Payoneer MasterCard and a virtual US bank account just like the average American citizen.

•  You get a free MasterCard after making the account online.

• The  possibility of transferring funds from one account to another on the same bank for all Payoneer customers.

When dealing with Payoneer Bank or any bank you should review the fees required for banking operations from each bank, for example there is an annual bank account development fee with Payoneer, which you pay in case you do not make at least one bank transaction during the twelve months, which is about $30.

To find out all the details of the fees for financial operations before working on your service, it is recommended to review the fees on the Payoneer website.


Neteller Bank was established in Britain, and the bank is characterized by the ease of financial transactions without problems or obstacles mentioned by customers, and it is included in the list of the largest electronic banks, and of course it is a bank licensed even by the approved MasterCard company to issue electronic cards.

Its services are available to Arab countries. In the past, its services did not support Arab countries. Now all of the bank's high-quality services are available to Arabs.

One of the most famous things in Neteller Bank is the provisions, security and confidence of all financial operations, as it closes any account in which a movement or suspicious activity was found, until it communicates with the bank’s support to confirm the strange movement in a bank account, and then reopens the account again.

Among the most important features of Bank NETELLER:

•  Superior protection of customers' bank accounts through encryption and other systems.

•  Free account registration.

•  Protecting accounts from hacking or fraud by following up and updating the data on an ongoing basis.

•  Transferring funds between bank accounts is free.

•  You can use his MasterCard for a small fee, and you can also view the fees for financial services on the Neteller website.

4. Skrill:

Skrill Bank (or former Moneybookers) is also one of the best electronic banks, as it is dealt with by millions around the world, and you can easily open an account with it and complete all your financial operations electronically safely such as withdrawing, transferring and receiving money. Skrill is a subsidiary of Paysafe Group, which also includes Neteller Bank mentioned above.

  Features of Skrill Bank:

•  Speed ​​of bank transfers and financial transactions.

•  Low interest charges on fund transfers between balances and funds accounts.

•  The bank allows transfers to your own bank account in any country where Skrill is allowed.

•  Visa Bank offers Skrill for ease of financial operations.

Always try to look at the website of the bank itself and find out about the availability of your country, as well as the work steps and fees among financial services, in the support and FAQ section, as this bank is available on the sites in Arabic.

The most famous electronic banks around the world:

What was mentioned from the previous electronic banks are not only specialized in Arab countries, but electronic banks are available in many Arab countries, and they are the most popular among Arab users.

The most important global electronic banks that may not provide their services to Arab countries to a large extent:

1. Western Union

Western Union is one of the most famous and best electronic banking companies in the world, and it also provides its services to some Arab countries as well. It is headquartered in North America, USA, and it was previously considered the largest telegraph business in the United States.