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   Make any photo perfect with unlimited number of filters, just by using infltr!

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Designed to be the most advanced photo editor for iOS and Macos, InflTr is easy to use - making it the perfect app for both professional and novice photographers. You can create all your photos, videos, live photos, gifs and gifs, and the depth is displayed perfectly with unlimited filters in infltr!

• inflTr is the only app that allows you to change filters without restrictions by simply sliding your finger on the screen. Keep moving your finger in any direction and the filters will keep changing. 

As she told Tapsmart in it: “Infltr stimulates experience, gets a good experience and ultimately feels magical.”

• More than 7 million filters are possible when you design your own filters to make every photo perfect!

28 great tools for change. Adjust your favorite filters to perfection. 

• Add filters while shooting or change photos after uploading. 

• Composite video tools: functions, volume, fast video, slow motion, and add music. 

Low clicks, picture modes, video clips, pictures, gifs, gifs, and depth of field with tools allow you to make, rotate and flip images as well as powerful changes like injection, swing, sharpness, contrast, brightness, micro-proximity, temperature, hues, colors, hsl Selective, double exposure, bright areas, shadows, hue of bright areas, tone, grain, chromaticity, color coverage and exposure. 

• Things. It was reported on TV that "the name inflTr is missing for animation, but it has many tools and millions of literal filters". 

Endless cures, sometimes magical moments happen by chance! Once you've created the filter you like, save it to your favourites!

• Discover a new filter every day from the INFLTR tool!

Professional Features:

• While image quality is reduced in many applications, inflTr maintains high-resolution images - great for changing panoramic photos or changing photos taken with a DSLR. 

• Provides the most powerful in-depth photo editor among the applications - intro and background images separately!

If you want your perfect pics, we think you'll agree that you'll need to vent. We invite you to try writing to us here Hello @ infltr. com and tell us what you think!