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Designer studio video montage download latest version

  The application is an application for fans of downloading, designing and editing videos, songs, music, and professional videos. 

install for iphone

Download for Android

It is aimed at anyone who loves montage and video design in general, whether it is a hobby or gifts for loved ones and friends, or montage can be your craft. 

- The ability to save the project and return to the schedule at any time to modify it at a later time

Supports all required video dimensions for social media, such as: Snap/Instagram Story dimensions, Instagram dimensions, YouTube etc.

Write on video with different options like fonts, color, selection and text movement

- A large selection of effects and animations that can be easily added to the video

- A specific set of transitions between the included clips

- Possibility to add photos and videos

- Add a video or photo to the video

- Add videos from YouTube

- Add audios from YouTube

- Shorten video duration

- Ability to cut video into multiple clips

- Adjust video or audio clip size أو

- Control video speed

# Subscriptions:-

- The payment services offered consist of a subscription of $3.49 per month and $19.99 per year. 

* All payments will be processed through the iTunes account to confirm the payment. 

* Your account will be renewed within 24 hours of the end of the current subscription. 

* You can opt out of automatic renewal by setting up your iTunes account iTunes

Video Maker - Video Editor is the best HD video editor, video maker and video trim app, with all video editing and video rendering features: video cut, video trim, video trim, long video clip to short video clips, video and video editing integration into music and video editing On YouTube Add Music to Video Add Text to Video and Videos Video Editor makes every user professionally edit videos for your YouTube vlog. Video Editor, as a featured video cutter and joiner app, helps your videos stand out by constantly updating various effects, filters, backgrounds, fonts, etc. 

No watermark because music video editor and free video maker fills youtube screen, video maker will not watermark your video. 

Features Key Features of Video Editor and Video:

Best video trimmer, video trimmer, video, video * trim and video trim tool. Professional video cutting and trimming. 

* Split videos into two, multi-section videos into several clips. 

* Merge multiple videos into one video without losing quality. 

* Complete and compress your videos without losing quality. 

Music Add music to video - the best video maker with songs and photos, free video editor with music, photos and text. 

- Professional music video maker with song and effects. Easily make videos from photos. 

- Add your own music for YouTube editing and include lip sync. 

- Adjust original video volume and music fade in/out. 

It's a professional music video maker and easy to use Tik Tok editor, YouTube and Instagram narration, which meets your needs in every way. 

Text Add Text and Stick to Video - Add text to video and photos in font and style. 

- Add text on video and edit video with subtitles. 

- Add cute stickers and expressive emoticons. 

Video Editor Video All-in-One:- You can edit/merge/trim/split/reverse/duplicate/rotate/blur/clips or videos in this video maker- Add amazing video filters and FX effects to create different videos. 

- Make a video with effects and transition effects. 

- Change background color for your video, white for Instagram, black for professional video, blur for mode. 

- Zoom and move. Let your audience focus on the area you want! - Doodle on video. 

- Cut video without losing quality. Cut and edit video for YouTube. 

- Improve your converter video quality and support up to 4K resolution. 

Movie maker and movie editor without watermark. 

Video Maker Photo Slide - Free video editor with photos and combine photos to create slideshow with music. 

- Merge videos with photos, add custom photo cover to video, and edit videos with music like a pro. 

Slideshow maker, help create slideshow in minutes. 

 Watch and share video - Export 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4K video/movie quality without quality loss and without limits. 

- Export video in HD quality. 

- Watch videos on your phone or share them on youtube, instagram, tic tac etc. 

You can save the video or slideshow to the timeline or album at any time. 

With video maker, you can easily add music to video and add text to video, video and video integration. Video Maker is a free HD video and video editor. Create a funny video or vlog with this video editor. You can easily cut and export video without quality loss and share your videos to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube in one click, or edit video into music and picture for Tik Tok.