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Dell xps13 laptop specifications

Many of the advantages that the Ultrabook class offers for laptops of various brands, especially today's 13-inch machines, are powerful internals and improved portability and portability, and the new Dell XPS 13 laptop in 2021 is one of them. The most prominent category of all is absolutely, in the opinion of many technical reviewers around the world, because it offers a combination of elegant design, thinness and lightness, in addition to advanced interior specifications, and one of its disadvantages is that it is expensive.

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Many advantages that the Ultrabook class offers for laptops of various brands, especially today's 13

Dell XPS 13 Laptop Overview

Dell XPS 13 Overview

The Dell XPS 13 is usually labeled as a "luxury" ultrabook and is a direct competitor to the Apple MacBook Pro, which is updated nearly every year, allowing for advanced hardware specifications and customization.

In the 2020 version of the Dell XPS 13 with the number 9300, some minor and significant changes have been added to the design for the benefit of the user. On the front is the monitor that has more screen space. The bezel and keyboard direction buttons (especially the left and right) are available in full size. Unlike previous versions, the size of the remaining buttons has increased slightly.

Overall, the device is very portable, with a full dimensions of 296 x 199 mm, a very light weight of around 1.3 kg, and extremely thin and only 14.8 mm thick.

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Dell XPS computer specifications and prices

You can't expect the Dell XPS 13 9300 to disappoint you in terms of specs as it belongs in the "premium" rating, but the company offers multiple spec options and customizes some, and you can too.

The lowest specs available for this device start with a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD storage. At this level you will also see a 1080p screen without touch technology, so you will have to pay extra if desired. On touch screens, the total price for this spec starts at $1,249.

And if you're looking for better specs, you can opt for a higher spec package starting at $1,749 with a 10th-generation Core i7 processor and 1080p touchscreen.

If you want to take advantage of all the features and are willing to pay more, from the same laptop, another option with a multi-touch screen and dazzling 4K resolution is $200 more than before. It can be high.

You can also customize it further, such as adding $300 for 2TB SSD storage. Also, a "high-spec" version of the Dell XPS 139300 is available for $2,249.

It's certainly an expensive set of options, but still less than its direct competitor, the Apple MacBook Pro. The Apple MacBook Pro has similar specs and a higher price tag, but you can get a cheaper alternative to both, like the premium HP SPECTER x360.

Dell XPS 13 9300 Highlights:

Simple and elegant design.

Excellent battery life.

Strong performance.

different color screen

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Who does the Dell XPS 13 fit for?

Who is the 2020 edition of XPS 13 suitable for?

This device is definitely not suitable for those who are looking for a laptop on a budget. It also belongs to the "premium" category of Dell devices, the price is higher compared to the high price, so it is not the best value for the price. High quality manufacturing components such as lightweight aluminum and carbon fibres (carbon fibres).

On the other hand, the laptop is lightweight, compact, high-spec and has a battery that can handle more than 11 hours of continuous work, making it ideal for multi-business owners and on the go.

It is also suitable for college students who do not work hard on laptops. The device comes with a variety of processor options from the Intel Core family, all belonging to the latest 10th generation, but it is not suitable for heavy games. Due to its small size and lack of a powerful graphics processor, it does not have the cooling capabilities required for heavy-duty games like hardware.

The Dell XPS 13 9300 laptop is also suitable as a versatile entertainment device, especially if you choose the touch screen version. It is also suitable for Photoshop users and vector designers who use software such as Adobe Illustrator. It is used in light video editing.

Dell laptop performance and new technologies

In terms of performance, the 2020 release of the Dell XPS 13 brings significant improvements over the previous versions. Its main reliance is on new Intel processors such as the Core i7-1065G7, which is based on the new Intel Ice Lake technology at 10nm. Operations technology.

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In addition to a more powerful level of performance compared to the processors of the previous generation, the most prominent positive difference in this technology is the integrated graphics processor.

Ice Lake technology complements the limited performance of integrated graphics processors popular in laptops in this class. US Tech Radar states that this technology offers almost twice the performance of previous versions. ..

Sure, you may suffer from very heavy workloads like heavy video editing, but the performance-related Ice Lake technology has significant benefits. Calculating this number, the new processor scored 2,856 points in the TimeSpy test, but it was previously 1,094. This laptop is not for gaming.

Cooling and battery

The cooling system of this device is also better than before. Tests of the XPS 13 i7 edition by TechRadar editors showed that the laptop continued to function in good condition.

Different weather, 8 hours, and the operating temperature was not excessively recorded.

In terms of battery, you expect a long battery life, as this device belongs to the ultra-light, thin and perfectly portable category, so that you can carry the laptop in case you are worried about carrying the charger.

The Dell XPS 13 working test kept running for 9 hours and 40 minutes while playing a movie on setup

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Disadvantages of Dell XPS 13 laptop

Weak headphones sound.

High purchase cost.

The website is of poor quality.

Lacks with strong graphics.

Good quality compared to competitors.

and com

This is the only drawback, besides the high purchase price, there is also a large image, which is frustrating, aimed at students and business people, which means the need for a photo taken online.

The attribute of this class of Ultrabooks is marked, it is the USB port and no HDMI port.

XPS 13 laptop experience

XPS 13 laptop experience

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