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Comparison between self-employment and a job

 Work and self-employment complement each other. There are no company owners without employees and no merchants without workers. God created people and placed them in layers. Not everyone can be their own business owner. You can be an employee. All human facilitators of what it was created for, in this topic you will learn about the advantages of self-employment and the advantages of working, the disadvantages of self-employment and the disadvantages of working.

Comparison between self-employment and a job

The difference between self-employed and work

Since the self-employed are the owners of businesses or traders, you are the owner, manager and responsible for the capital. The freelancer does not have to be a large trader or a large owner. company. Adhere to certain restrictions such as the manager, set working hours, or monthly or daily wages.

Benefits of freelancing

You are the master of yourself, you are responsible for yourself, and you are in control of your actions. Nobody tells you to do this and not do it. Please come as soon as possible. You are your own decision maker.

In financial terms, sure, most people who have money do not earn it through work and a fixed salary, but they did so through trade and self-employment.

Self-employed people can deepen relationships, build relationships, build prominent positions in society, and build many relationships in all areas.

Disadvantages of freelancing

The big responsibility on your shoulders is that not everyone cares about self-employment because you may make a lot of money but you may lose everything you have.

We have many responsibilities in every respect, including responsibilities to our employees, our customers, and certainly to our families, that we may not be able to coordinate.

You may not be able to find free time due to your constant interest and constant thoughts about your work.

Work characteristics

The number of specified working hours starting at this point and ending at this point.

A stable salary that allows you to adapt, get used to, and live in the same style.

There is a day or two off from work where you can enjoy getting out.

You have certain fixed tasks and it will never get stuck in your mind.

Disadvantages of work

You will never succeed in your life, you will stay at the same stage, you will not make much progress, you will not be able to achieve much success.

Your manager controls you and you are always under his command.

The same events repeat every day, making work a boring and repetitive routine.

It can be replaced or disposed of at any time, especially for private work.

Which is better, a job or a self-employed?

Self-employment is hard, but you can take the initiative after work, effort and patience. The work is surrounded by mice. A new mouse is discarded as soon as it runs out of energy. This money is lost or worthless because the fixed amount is dead and consumed, saving millions of dollars and even without another source of income.

And everyone who watched the movie "I will not live in my father's dress" and compared scrap dealer Haji Abdul Ghafour Al-Bari with his accountant Fahim Effendi.

Fahim Effendi lived as an employee and died. Fahim Effendi was educated, but it was Haji Abdul Ghafoor Arbore who built glory and money, and that was the reason for the success of Haji Abdul Ghafoor Arbore.

Fahim Effendi represents the theory of 97% of people, and they believe that work represents their safety and stability.

But Abdul Ghafoor El Bouri represents 3% of those who take risks and take risks because they are heroic and afraid to lose.

After all, nine-tenths of your livelihood is commerce, and anyone who lives as an employee remains an employee their whole life, so fight and risk until you get what you want.

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