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What is Canva?

Canva is a free tool that helps all business owners, e-commerce leaders, and designers create free, professional-quality logos.

And also making professional designs that are used for various purposes, the most important of which is marketing business on social media platforms or building a brand identity.

Canva offers more capabilities and services to help novice users design a free professional logo

And by providing more features, features and multiple customization options that help them to control and customize their design according to their desire and purpose of use.

The program provides ready-made templates for multi-purpose designs that you can easily modify to design your own logo in the fastest time and with minimal effort.

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10 Free Logo Design Steps with Canva

Canva is one of the easiest programs to design in general, where you can design a free logo in just 10 easy steps, and many Arab designers rely on it to design an Arabic logo for their clients or their own companies.

Here are the steps in detail:

Free Logo Design

1. First you have to go to the Canva website.

2. After you enter the site, you will be asked to log in to be able to create your own account, and in this step the program allows you to choose between logging in via Facebook or your Gmail account.

3. In the next stage, the program will ask you to specify the nature or purpose of the use.

4. From the main page of the program, choose the channel in which you will use the design or the purpose of the design by rating.

You will find that the program includes several classifications for different types of professional designs, which you can choose from according to the nature of your work, as in the following figure:

Free Logo Design

Steps to design a free logo with Canva

⚠️ watch out

The program provides fixed dimensions for all designs of known categories, for example, if you want to create a specific design for the purpose of posting on Facebook as a regular post, it will find the design dimensions installed by the program automatically.

This helps you create designs that are consistent with the dimensions imposed by different social media platforms without losing any part of the design.

In case you want to put specific dimensions for your design, the program also provides this feature to all its users without any problems.

5. Once you click on the Create Design button, you will be presented with a long list of options that you can choose from depending on the purpose of the design and where you want to use that design.

The following figure shows this step:

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design Steps with Canva

6. Once you select or choose the appropriate category from among all the options that appear to you, you will be taken directly to the design page, from which you can control all the design elements you wish to create with Canva.

7. Inside that page, you will also notice that there are several options on the left of the page that help you in arriving at the right professional design that meets your desires.

Each of these options has a job to do and can effectively help shape the final design. These options are as follows: (templates - images - graphics - text - video - background - downloads - files).

Here is a full explanation of the uses of each of those options that help you design a professional logo for free: 👇

First: the templates

Once you click on this option, the program will show you an endless number of static templates with different designs.

And you can choose among these templates the most appropriate template for the nature of your design or the free logo format you want. It's worth noting that these templates range from free and paid ones, but most of them are completely free.

The following figure shows how the templates appear in the program:

Free Logo Design

Steps to design a free logo with Canva

Second: the pictures

Canva is an important search engine for high-quality images that can be used to create your own design on the program.

These images are available, including free and paid ones, as well as in templates. This is what this option looks like in the program:

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design Steps with Canva

Third: Elements, drawings or drawings

The third option you will find when designing a free logo with Canva is graphics.

Within this option or section there are many categories related to shapes, graphics, fonts, icons and other graphic forms that effectively help in creating a professional design for your brand.

Fourth: the texts

As for this section, which is the text section, it gives you many different text designs for use and types. From this large selection available, you can choose the text format that best suits the nature of your design.

This is how the texts look in the program:

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design Steps with Canva

Fifthly: the video

This option allows you to add related videos to your design, in case there is a specific video you want to add.

Sixth: the background

This section includes a large number of innovative backgrounds of different designs, with which you can choose the best wallpaper suitable for the design you want to create, which greatly facilitates the nature of your work.

The backgrounds in the program look like this:

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design Steps with Canva

Seventh: Downloads

In terms of uploads, this is a very important option, as it allows you to upload specific images or special graphics and other things that you want to upload so that they can be used in your brand logo designs.

These were the most important customization options available in the program. Now, we continue to explain how to design a logo for free in 10 steps…

8. After reviewing all these options available to you on the design page, you can select the options that you can use and effectively employ them in creating a professional design that will help you in your work, and which ones you do not need in the design.

9. When you choose a specific template for your design, that template will appear with the preset dimensions whether you have selected it or it is selected by the software depending on the type of design.

Then the program will show you additional options for further customization and creation of a professional design.

You'll notice these options at the top of the design page, which include:

1⃣ Scan: You can scan any design element by simply selecting it and clicking on the scan option.

2⃣ Lock: An option that enables you to lock any element within the design and prevent it from receiving any modifications at all.

 3⃣ Link: This option enables you to assign a hyperlink to any item that you want to make clickable and convert it to a specific webpage by simply clicking on it.

4 ⃣ Position: It is an option that enables you to specify the position of the element within the design, whether its position is above another element or below this element and so on.

5, Repetition: With this option, you can make any element within the design repeat more than once according to your vision and will.

6⃣ Other options: In addition to more options related to the texts written within the design, on top of which are the spaces between letters and the space between words, font size, writing direction, font color, as well as font type.

It's worth noting that all of these options help you more precisely in customizing to create a professional design with Canva.

10. After you have finished customizing the final look that you want to access from your own design, you can choose from the many options that the program offers you.

These options range from:

Upload the design to your own device to use on any platform you want

Or share the design with specific people,

Or share the design directly on your account on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platforms,

In addition to the possibility of sending the design by e-mail directly.

🤷‍♂️ Here are the 10 steps you need to create a free logo using the free Canva software.

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