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Artificial intelligence in social media

 AI has the power to change the way brands market across networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

AI can automate many tedious tasks related to social media management and can even do social media monitoring on a large scale.

This may be why the market for "artificial intelligence for social media" is expected to grow from $633 million in 2018 to more than $2.1 billion by 2023, according to market estimates.

How is artificial intelligence used in social media?

AI is a key component of the popular social networks you use every day. Facebook uses advanced machine learning to do everything from presenting you content to recognizing your face in photos to targeting users with ads, while Instagram (owned by Facebook) uses AI to identify visuals .

LinkedIn uses artificial intelligence to make job recommendations, suggest people you might want to connect with, and deliver you specific posts in your feed.

Snapchat harnesses the power of computer vision and artificial intelligence technology to track your features and overlay filters that move with your face in real time.

These are just a few examples of how AI is working behind the scenes to power the world's most popular social networking features. 

Across all social media platforms, artificial intelligence and machine learning regulate how the content you create and the ads you buy are often placed in front of users in ways that aren't completely transparent.

Ters All of this means that AI is an essential part of how social networks work today, but AI often works behind the scenes of popular platforms, entirely at the discretion of the company that owns the platform.

However, this does not mean that marketers cannot take advantage of AI for social media, in fact there are many AI social media monitoring and marketing tools available commercially across a number of use cases.

Here are some of the best ways social media marketers can get started with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart automation techniques:

Creating and managing social content with artificial intelligence:

Marketers spend a lot of time creating content to distribute on social media, then managing distribution and engagement across channels. 

A traditional social media management tool helps with this, by simplifying social media scheduling and monitoring, but AI tools are taking it even further.

The tools are there to automatically create social media content across channels, so that hashtags and short links are included automatically. 

There are also tools to schedule these posts in bulk automatically, in general the AI ​​tool is able today to handle and manage certain types of social media creation in minutes.

An AI-powered social monitoring or social listening tool can provide insights from your brand's social media profiles and audience, often including using the power of AI to analyze social data at scale, understand what's being said, and then extract ideas based on that information .

Applied correctly, this data allows AI social media monitoring tools to help you track your global brand signals, find emerging consumer trends, find new audiences to target, monitor brand reputation, monitor every social signal, and identify promising new ways to socialize and promote. Media.

These actionable insights are delivered in near real-time, giving brands a head start against competitors.

AI Social Media Ads:

Almost any social media platform gives marketers an unprecedented ability to run paid ads to users of the platform based on very precise demographic and behavioral targeting.

Today there are AI tools that will improve Facebook and Instagram ads for the customer. Ads are optimized for clicks and conversions, thanks to the ability of AI to broadly predict which language will improve results.

Finally, artificial intelligence has taken its place in our daily lives. It is expected that artificial intelligence will be the main topic of new innovations for major technology companies such as Microsoft and Google. These companies are making huge investments in artificial intelligence projects.

Google recently bought an artificial intelligence company called DeepMind for £400m, this startup specializing in machine learning.

Thus to cope with the current competition and stay ahead in the business world, make sure to inculcate AI in your business model.