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Android Issue No. Call End Challenges

  Have you ever found yourself scrambling to end a call - but then your screen won't turn on again fast enough? Or maybe the screen appears, but the disconnect command is not there and ready? The  Android Accessibility option  can make your life infinitely easier by enabling you to press your physical phone's power button anytime you're ready to say goodbye. No need to search for the correct code or even look at your phone at all - just press one button along the edge of the device, and the one on the other end will be gone (thank goodness!).

Just look for the "Power button ends call" option in this Accessibility section of System Settings, flip it over, and you're ready to end the call more easily than ever.

10 Fixes Android Power Button Connect
JR Rafael / IDG

If you search enough in the Android settings, you can find a switch that makes ending a call much easier.