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YouTube is the second most visited site after Google, with over 4.5 million YouTube clips viewed per minute. Download YouTube Mobile to view the latest new YouTube videos, watch daily videos, and search on mobile. Follow the world around you to find out what topics interest you and watch exclusive content, whether it's sports or news from around the world. In the following article, follow the instructions for the new YouTube for Android with YouTube Photos 2020.

Subscribe and unsubscribe to YouTube channels

You can subscribe to your favorite YouTube channel and share your content through your friends and social networks. And after downloading the new YouTube for mobile, you can quickly and quickly find the videos you need and follow popular videos in many areas, including: as a game, entertainment and various other areas of life.

In addition to browsing the most popular channels across the board, subscribe to popular YouTube channels

Add a vote to your YouTube community

With the new YouTube Downloader, you can create multiple playlists from YouTube channels, add the videos you need to each list, name the lists, add or remove videos, and change them. All users can create their own YouTube channel.

Download mobile YouTube link directly with YouTube YouTube 2019 app description

Manage likes for videos and posts

Share and interact with YouTube content

The process of connecting and sharing with the YouTube community is possible because you can interact with your viewers followers through forums by adding posts like photos and videos as well as through likes, comments and posts. It's as easy as possible. Or, there is also a poll to encourage followers to interact.

Create multiple playback channels for the video you upload

New YouTube Program 2020 Benefits of YouTube

1-YouTube Mobile Download 2020 allows you to switch between multiple YouTube accounts at the same time.

Mzaba YouTube 2019

Ability to switch between multiple YouTube accounts

2- Control and edit the videos, including the name, description and timing of the publication, and modify the playlists created.

3-YouTube Download enables you to publish your video via the live streaming feature available on the new YouTube for mobile.

4- Download YouTube Mobile to control your posted videos with comments, shares, likes and more.

5- The new YouTube has a subtitle feature because it automatically adds subtitles to the video.

6- The ability to turn on and off secret mode. Browse with incognito mode enabled without logging into your account.

7-YouTube allows you to turn on night vision mode or dark theme to reduce brightness and improve viewing quality at night. You can also activate Dark Mode with the settings shown in the image.

8-YouTube allows you to perform a voice search using the microphone instead of typing in the search box. You also have the option to enable or disable this feature from your phone.

Ability to perform voice search using YouTube mobile microphone

Control YouTube settings for your subscription

The YouTube Settings tab allows you to control whether or not you activate YouTube notifications for cross-channel subscriptions, as well as privacy and history options. You can also control the settings for each channel you subscribe to individually.

Manage notifications from YouTube subscriber channels

You can also control the creation of the list to watch after the video and add private videos to watch later.

YouTube 2019 with pictures explaining the new YouTube program for Android Mzapa on YouTube

Control and edit the menu to watch the video later

Youtube stats and numbers 2020

More than 1.9 million monthly active YouTube users.

More than 5 billion video views are made daily.

Over 4.5 million video streams per minute

The average total daily playtime on YouTube is around 40 minutes.

Approximately 149 billion daily active users on YouTube.

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