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10 most followed Instagram accounts

List of most popular Instagram accounts ordered by followers 2021. Read this article to find your way to becoming a social media giant.

It seems like the days when there was a huge barrier between us and celebrities are over. As Instagram has become a fashion all over the world, all the celebrities are getting closer to the general public by sharing the details of their lives to strengthen the bridge between us and the celebrity. Over a billion people use it every month.

There are also a lot of people. When you hit the Continue button, it not only looks at it but also tries to figure out the reason for the overall success. This article attempts to list the best of them: Take some advice by running top 10 Instagram account rankings by followers in 2020 and their social media.

Note: The following follower numbers are dated November 3, 2020

Top 10 Instagram Accounts Sorted By Followers In 2020

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Top 10 Instagram Accounts Sorted By Followers In 2020

10: Justin Bieber (15 million)

Controversial pop star. His online publications continue to spread. However, after 10 years of his career, he was recognized as a cultural model. His description is far more ambiguous than the average pop star, including his picture hanging with fellow celebrities, his own cartoon version, and of course his April Fools' pregnancy jokes. It will remain at its best for years to come. Easy to find.

9: Beyoncé (155 million)

Queen B, one of the biggest pop stars, it's no surprise that she's on the list. Her posts are very simple, most of them include snapshots of her performance and professional work, and some are personal. The only thing worth noting is the announcement of her pregnancy, one of my favorite posts on Instagram.

8: Lionel Messi (168 million)

“La Bolga” and probably “GOAT (BEST EVER”). His 15+ year career is full of trophies, awards, and awesome moments. He is on all 168 million followers. What you can expect is that his Instagram includes ants: his shots He plays, his personal life, and scenes of other events he attends.

7: Kim Kardashian (191 million)

Kanye West's wife and Kardashian sister are perhaps the most famous due to her famous romantic history and social reputation. As an internet celebrity, she knows how to increase her Instagram followers. It is also interesting that the posts of the sisters are very similar. Personal items such as photos of fashion shows, events you attend, and old family photos.

6: Selena Gomez (195 million)

One of the most popular and retweeted Instagram posts is a well-known young American singer and actress. Her account consists of selfies of successful pop stars as usual, and sometimes photos of her friends, but also includes some political posts on topics related to women's rights.

5: Kylie Jenner (199 million)

Well, here's another Kardashian on the list. He's young and hot these days. Despite not being in the top five, Kylie Jenner remains one of the biggest Instagram stars. It used to be number one in my favorite Instagram posts. As mentioned earlier, the Kardashian family promotes in a similar way: social work and personal life. They often appear in each other's posts.

4: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (202 million)

WWE Superstar (world of professional wrestling), the only wrestler on this list (more precisely, an actor). It will be fourth place. There are not many surprises on his account - many movie clips, photos of him in the gym, and posts about his family. There is nothing more.

3: Ariana Grande (205 million)

Young international pop star. She could become the most famous singer on the planet at just 27 years old.

She is also the most followed woman in the Instagram follower rankings. Her posts are filled with photos of her performances, interviews with other celebrities, and your general perception of living the high-end pop life.

2: Cristiano Ronaldo (241 million)

It is not just another "GOAT" in football history, but also the most popular Instagram account ranked by followers. His 17-year career has brought many wonderful moments to the world. Furthermore, he is active in modeling and attracts more followers than Lionel Messi. For his post, it includes family photos and shots of him playing football and lots of photos about experiencing the good things in life. Not specified.

Unfortunately, he recently contracted the coronavirus. I hope he recovers quickly.

1: The official Instagram account (376 million)

Now, can anyone have more followers than the platform itself?

What can your followers tell you about their success in Instagram rankings?
It can be said that the names on this list are well known in real life. But that's not the only compelling reason to explain the success on social media. For example, the number of people who know David Beckham should exceed the number of people who know Kim Kardashian, but the number of followers of the latter is three times the number of followers of the former Kim Kardashian. Most Instagram followers. It's hard to blame David for managing social media well - he's also a phenomenal one on Earth
Trent after his retirement.

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