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  We present to you   the 10 best games without the Internet  in  the Emad store  and the Golden Plus store  , through which  applications and games for  iPhone  and Android  and technical topics are provided continuously.

 Bushido Saga Samurai Nightmare game 

  • Swipe screen control at your fingertips and kill your enemies!
  • Fight against dozens of confidants that only skilled and experienced samurai can do!
  • Weapon It's a weapon that defines your play style: quick sword strikes, long steady chopping moves, precise bow strikes, spear stabs, powerful blows with an Otochi hammer, swift blows with shuriken!
  • Equip the right weapons to fight against different types of enemies. Each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Defeat Defeat powerful and fearsome bosses
  • Fight against different types of enemies such as ashigaru, samurai, wako, shinobi, ronin, shushinsha, and female samurai!
  • Get dozens of awesome combinations of armor, legendary blades and legendary swords

Dig&Dungeons game

  • The game is very exciting and you can easily get into the boss fights and win.
  • The game contains dark dungeons with many powerful monsters that strike fear into the heart.
  • The game contains a lot of caves, soft drinks, and dungeons to make the game look very real and realistic.
  • The game allows you to crawl and idle very easily, and all this is done through some special strategy of the dungeon hunter.
  • The game will help you to level up your heroes to find treasure and earn more points for development.
  • In this game, you can make sure before you go into action that your hero has enough health, gear, and items to survive the dungeon disasters.
  • The game has an easy to use control system, so don't hesitate to try it out, it's very cool.

World War: Fight For Freedom

  • Wide range of weapons and military equipment.
  • Diversity and diversity in the field and the battlefield.
  • Graphics, animation and 3D graphics.
  • The sound and visual effects are very amazing.
  • It is freely available, without the need for material costs
  • Small in size and does not require much space on your phone.
  • The system offers a variety of abilities to bring out your personality.

Devil War: 3D Shooting Game

  •  Play this unique fantasy shooting game for free and become an excellent demon hunter
  •  A great storyline that gives you an immersive story experience while fighting sci-fi battles
  •  An epic fps game, you will experience perfect visual effects
  •  Simplified control, automatic aiming and shooting, easy to control, giving you the best operating experience
  •  Fast battle rhythm, kill demons in a row and complete the level quickly
  •  Great game graphics, smooth animations, real character models, equipment and maps
  •  Ingenious game level design, reasonable use of members to win
  •  Unique development system, hero progression, equipment collection and pet upgrade
  •  Rich game content, you can stop playing
  •  Variety of hero skins to choose from

King arthur game

  • The game is completely free and you can download King Arthur for Android from the download link on our website
  • Search and collect different items as you complete quests and compete in matches. From there, build and rule your kingdom
  • Equip your team with an army of 10 powerful heroes. Automatic fire control
  • Join and win the battle with enemy forces to seize their resources and territory
  • Collect valuables like Caliburn, Excalibur and the Holy Grail to make weapons, upgrade and strengthen your army.
  • Challenge your friends and other players to create interactions in the game. Earn as much as you appear in the ranking of the best players

Go To Car Driving 4 game

Become the most powerful hacker in the big, open world of the Internet. Gangster New York is an action-adventure game in which you are responsible for helping a mafia gang to overcome dozens of missions around the city. The streets you are moving on are full of dangers, so you need to take extra care to avoid mishaps.
In Gangster New York you can ride a car driving on the asphalt. This will save you a lot of time without having to walk to the exact places indicated in progress. Anyway, it is important to note that there is a very intuitive control system that allows you to move from one place to another just by clicking on the directional joystick.
Without a doubt, the graphics are one of the most famous aspects of gangs in New York.1 The graphics of the game are very well developed in 3D, so you can get to know the streets and buildings of this city very realistically..

Plants vs. Zombies game

  • The game contains a wide variety of levels and worlds
  • The gameplay is simple and easy
  • The game contains many challenges to complete
  • The game contains some very interesting mini-games

Dawn break origin game 

Dawn break origin game, Dan Break Origin, Dan Break game, a beautiful and light anime role-playing game, the game has action and exciting fighting, and you will love to finish it, you will play here in multiple stages over 6 different chapters, you will meet powerful monsters and enemies, especially when you progress in the game, the game has heroes Many with multiple skills, and you can also develop them so that they are stronger. The game, as design and graphics, is very good and works with you on any phone, and you will enjoy it.

Spider Hero 2 - Spider fighter game

  • You can use it for free, so there is no material cost or additional fee.
  • Small in size, it does not require much space on your phone to be able to download it.
  • Graphics, 3D design, visuals and acoustics are not like others.
  • Fight against these crime gangs and mafia and use your superhero abilities.
  • Take away the coins and prizes from the battle and advance in the game.
  • A wide range of arenas, battlefields and bloody battles.
  • Use melee attacks and ranged combat to get rid of these bad guys.
  • World after world of fun and excitement, which has no limits.
  •  Great combination of super gameplay and very simple controls.
  • Avoid enemy attacks and surprise them with counter and counterattacks.

Live Factory: 3D Platformer game

  •  Exciting gameplay
  •  Unusual visual style and beautiful 3D graphics
  •  New mechanics and situations for the game in the passage
  •  No offline network connection required - great for travelers
  •  Ability to save progress to the cloud
  •  100% achievement is a challenge and it will definitely take some time to beat.

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