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Expense application that helps control your money for iPhone and Android

  Today, we present to you  an expense application that helps control your money for iPhone and Android   in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  iPhone  and Android applications and games   and technical topics are presented on an ongoing basis.

Expense application that helps control your money for iPhone and Android

Information about expenses 

Expense Report is one of the best once-in-a-lifetime apps that answers all your weekly and monthly expense questions as accurately and systematically as possible. Your personal assistant to organize and manage all your finances, it contains many very important functions, subtract the amount. Save money for the week and the rest will roll into the next week.

Expense features 

  • A comprehensive application for managing personal expenses, budgets or managing small projects.
  • You can add multiple portfolios to manage your spending and income streams and keep track of your commitments.
  • Change wallet.
  • Ease of adding financial transactions.
  • More than 50 categories for all types of transactions, income, expenses, liabilities and premiums.
  • Repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly deals. Then the fee will be added without your intervention.
  • Link transactions to contacts.
  • Possibility to add future or earlier deals.
  • Added process fixes.
  • View a list of all added processes.
  • View the details of the transactions you made during the day.
  • Paying/receiving debts and installments. Specify the start date and end date for the commitment and the entity associated with that commitment.
  • A detailed statement of your debts.
  • Weekly and monthly reports.
  • The ability to store and retrieve data in Google Drive.
  • Ability to save reports in Excel format.

charge fees 


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