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Tips and information to know when buying a new computer

  Tips for buying a computer, especially in recent times, many computer manufacturers have become popular in our country, and computers have become an indispensable tool of our time, but before buying, you should know what kind of device you want and its special specifications. 

Tips and information to know when buying a new computer

Set a total budget and a budget for each piece

It is necessary to establish a total budget by adding an additional amount of about 5-10% to the price of the computer you are using (it may increase or decrease depending on market conditions for computer parts at the time of purchase). Currently, the computer parts market is volatile due to payment arrears. Prices may inflate and delays or waiting may not be possible.

Avoid buying used parts

You may need to buy a computer, but you don't have enough money to buy all the parts. What's the solution? Today's high price of computer components has led many users to buy used parts. Of course, if these parts are purchased from a reputable store and proper testing is done, this is a viable solution.

Define your basic need

  • Do you want to know why you need this device and why you want to buy it?
  • Is it for browsing and downloading, for working, for storing files, or do you use or customize a specific program for games?
  • For work, it is a good type of computer, but for non-work related entertainment, you do not need expensive equipment.

Important points that you should know about the computer before buying it

  • Healer
You need to choose the right computer processor for your needs, and the larger and larger the processor, the more it can withstand overwork.
  1. Intel Core 13: This processor is suitable for the minimal class, not only for simple devices to run simple programs and surf the Internet, but also for its simple price.
  2. Intel Core 15: This processor is suitable for desktop devices, performs simple office tasks and runs moderate programs, its price is suitable for most occasions.
  3. Intel Core 17 is the most powerful processor suitable for powerful software and heavy tasks such as design and editing software. As such, they are expensive and not suitable for everyone.
  • random memory (RAM)
Computers have varying amounts of RAM, and each size is proportional to a specific workload. We recommend keeping these things in mind when buying a computer.
  1. 1-4 GB of memory is good for simple tasks, very simple programs, and surfing the Internet.
  2. 4 to 6 GB of memory is good for mid-range processors and simple uses such as performing simple work tasks, downloading files, and light office software.
  • Hard Disk Drive
Before buying a computer, you should research and find the type of computer disk you want to use and carry it with your computer.
  1. There are many types of hard disks. Therefore, the size and type of disk should be considered when buying a computer.
  2. Memory is a very old type of hard drive, which is starting to run out on the market. I can't hide that I have it and would like to update it.
  3. SSD memory is one of the fastest types of memory in computers because it performs millions of cycles in a short period of time to read data.
  4. SSD types are a bit more expensive than hard drives.

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