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Focos live application to make professional video isolation

  We offer you  the Focos live application to make a professional video isolation  in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  iPhone  and Android applications and games   and technical topics are continuously presented.

Information about Focos live

focos live movie maker, with the features of all photo video editing apps, can edit live movies with effects, advance and add text to photo videos. Use focos live cam editor and movie maker to edit it with just a few touches and edit video and edit video for instagram, youtube, facebook, tik tok messenger twitter whatsapp and more without much effort. Record your next viral clips or movie hits with Focus Photo Video Editor! Edit and create videos and add music to videos to create your own audio and highlight your favorites in casual communities and notification apps! Video effects are built in, so you can give all the perfection to the look of your video. Focos Camera Live Ultra HD 4K Video Editing allows you to edit videos on your phone with the same ease as your workspace. Last-minute highlighting of key movie effects, motion adjustments and moderate speed help you power up with the key slider. You can also embed remastered clip effects and rewind to mount to create the final video.

Features of Focus live

  •  You can shoot cinematic video with depth data.
  •  It has the ability to keep changing focus to track individuals.
  •  It has many simulated aperture overlays that can produce many different effects.
  •  Multi-layer video overlay application on one screen.
  •  Each option contains an adjustment layer.
  •  You can speed up the video and reverse the image to create a personalized video for you.
  •  You can use chroma key to remove feathers and hair from your photos.
  •  You can eliminate vibration problems from all videos.
  •  You can convert animations to text graphics in videos.
  •  It has an audio editor to manage music and sounds.
  •  It allows you to share videos on social media, Facebook, Twitter and other sites.
  •  You can export videos as GIF files.

Download Focus live


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