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Explain how to prevent contacts from adding to WhatsApp groups

  We offer you  an explanation of how to prevent contacts from being added to WhatsApp groups  in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  iPhone  and Android applications and games   and technical topics are continuously presented.

Explain   how to prevent contacts from adding to WhatsApp groups

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your device.
  2. Go to the Settings tab and click the Accounts tab.
  3. Once in the Account section, tap Privacy.
  4. Click Collect.
  5. Here you will see three options: "Everyone", Contacts, Some contacts. To prevent everyone from adding you to a WhatsApp group, select the third option, Specific Contacts. Once you click on it, WhatsApp will ask you to select a specific contact and then select 3 people who are not interested or active in the group.

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