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Exclusive summary of the Apple WWDC 2022 conference and the features of ios 16, the new update for the iPhone

 A while ago, the advantages of updating the system of Apple ios 16 devices were reviewed at the Apple WWDC 2022 conference, which is held annually to review the updates of the iOS system for the iPhone, iPad and other modern Apple devices, and in this topic we will share with you the advantages of the new ios 16 update announced by the company  Camel.

 Features of the new Apple update ios 16

 Now on your iPhone you can have multiple lock screens based on the focus you've activated, so you can have a work screen and a personal one where the lock screen has evolved (filters - you can move the picture or put suggested pictures - widget: you can put a sport widget  Or the result of matches or anything the developers do - you can change the clock’s line, as well as the color - the alerts are popping up from below).

 The iOS 16 system carries interactive wallpapers, a new clock font, and the addition of widgets in the lock screen is similar to the watch system.

 A feature coming to the messaging application on the iPhone iMessage has become an undo message that you sent, and the keyboard is now able to say it writes the speech with the voice, but the new thing is that the keyboard does not disappear, you can modify the message after sending it, you can withdraw the message after sending it.

 Sharing a movie or music with your friends in the IMsage and watching the movie together and at the same time texting.

 Apple Wallet: App ID verification - Digital keys can now be shared - Apple Pay: Tap to pay on iPhone - Apple Pay Later: 4 equal payments over 6 weeks without interest - Order tracking directly in Wallet.

 The feature of converting voice to written text without the need for the Internet, meaning you can convert any voice into a written text and at the same time you can write and speak.

 With the iOS 16 system, you can add your personal card in the Walt and you can use it with the parties that ask you for ID.

 Maps updates from Apple (MapKit allows developers to integrate detailed maps into apps - MapKit now includes Look Around - developers will soon get new server-side APIs).

 The feature of dragging, identifying, and translating texts from iOS15 will work more extensively, as it will include videos and the ability to drag any image from anywhere and place it as a sticker.

 The feature of parental settings in iOS 16 has become more beautiful, adding the ability to add the settings of your child's device with the click of a button from your iPhone.

 iCloud Shared Photo Library (Separate shared library - added members can contribute - automatically share photos with members if they're in photos).

 In iOS16, you can share any photo automatically for captured photos and videos, just activate the option to share photos from the shared photo album.

 New features in the Walt app in iOS16. When you pay in pay, you can also track your shipment and its status from the same application without the need for any external applications.

 iOS 16 features improved parental controls.

 In the iOS16 system, delivery applications and any application that has a tracking feature, you will be able to track your order with interactive alerts from the lock screen, and you can track your order without the need to enter the application.

 Apple Car Play will soon be able to integrate with all the information in your car, from speed to air conditioning controls, all in the same style as Car Play.

 The design of the Home application changed radically and became easier and simpler, and Apple launched the Matter platform to unify all applications of smart devices and services services and make them in one place and platform.

 Features of updating ios 16 with watchos 9 for Apple Watch

 watchOS 9 will have more new watch faces, as well as a new Siri interface and notifications.

 In addition to measuring altitude while running, Apple Watch will now be able to display training intensity in different heart rate zones.

 New features have been added in the new watch system, such as new exercises, or you do a new exercise for yourself, and you can add exercise goals that you define yourself, modify and add to them according to your desire, and the watch in turn tracks the exercise that you do.

 The sleep calculation on the Apple Watch will calculate the stages of sleep in detail, such as deep and light sleep during your sleep period.

 Medicines in the Health app receive notifications of drug interactions.

 In the new watch system, you will get the Medications app, you can add your medications and vitamins, and keep track of how many times a day you have taken them.

 The burning application and all the exercises in the watch will have a copy of it for the iPhone with the iOS 16 system.

 Which devices will support the new update

  •  iPhone 7 and7 Plus
  •   iPhone 8 and8 Plus
  •   iPhone X
  •  iPhone SE 2020
  •  iPhone XS and XS Max
  •   iPhoneXR
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max
  •   iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max
  •   iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max
  •   iPhone SE (2022)
  •   iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, 14 Pro and 14 ProMax

 At the conclusion of this topic, we hope that we have provided you with the most correct information about the features of the new update from Apple for iPhone devices and watches.