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Khatmah application to seal the Qur'an in the required period

  We offer you  the Khatmah application to seal the Qur’an in the required period  in  the Emad store  and the Golden Plus store  , through which  iPhone  and Android applications and games   and technical topics are continuously presented.

Information about Khatmah 

Khatma: The Khatma Al-Quran application is an electronic Mushaf that has some additional features and functions that allow users to maintain daily reading by dividing the verses in a short period of time, sealing the Qur’an regularly and reminding the user to use the alert function in the application.

Features of Khatmah 

  • A great application to help complete the Holy Quran.
  • Choose the length of time required to complete the Qur'an to calculate the daily roses.
  • The probability and duration of choosing a daily rose will be calculated automatically.
  • Read the Qur'an without the Internet in a clear and carefully audited version.
  • Stop reading The Daily Rose and keep reading at any time.
  • The ability to read as many words as you want in the same day.
  • Many of the daily and various dhikr and sayings.
  • Help calculate requests that require repetition.
  • A complete index of the Qur'an by surah or by partial name.
  • Set an alarm to remind you of your daily chords or your daily memories.

Disadvantages of Khatmah 

  1. Includes Ads: The fact that the app is completely free makes the app developers want to take advantage of it in some way, so there are some ads in the app that users may not like, but with these ads in Khatma app not like most apps are that annoying so it doesn't have much effect.
  2. There is no direct access to the surah in it: Despite the quality of the application, its ease of use, and the ease of reading and observing the daily rose through it, the application does not treat the actual form as a complete electronic Qur’an like other e-Quran applications give you the opportunity to easily access any surah in Any time, but getting to the walls by applying a seal is a bit tricky, although you can navigate past and current veins

Download Khatmah 


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