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Summary of the book   I missed a prayer

  • I missed the prayer
In this chapter of the book I missed a prayer, Islam Jamal tells us about an old man who did not abandon prayer, a sheikh who stuck to all the meanings of the word Sheikh.
  • one day
Islam Jamal tells us in chapters of this book that the most important maker of happiness and tranquility is prayer, yet we find that many people do not pray. The author found the reason behind this is that people who do not get up to pray, live in a world of their own making, they call it “one day”, and they think that one day their situation will change, and they will pray, yet another excuse to convince yourself that what they are doing is right, but it is the same wrong. Therefore, it is necessary to find the reasons for our exit from the door of excuses and to guide us on the path of commitment to prayer.
  • before you pray
In this chapter of the book I Missed a Prayer, Islam introduces us to the beauty of a plate of gold, the secrets and mysteries he has collected through hadiths with everyone who rarely misses a prayer. He confesses to us that the most important skill we must learn in order to continue to pray is this: to know the Creator, the Most High, the Creator of all, because if we know Him, we will love Him, we will think of Him. We used to hear his words calm the mind and help us develop this habit. Readers, the more works like these are preserved, the stronger our love and trust in God will be, and the more difficult it will be for Satan to achieve his goals.
  • you are your thoughts
As we saw earlier in the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, it is absolutely true that the inner world is responsible for the outer world, and thoughts lead to results. The things that govern our lives and everything we do every day are just an application of our minds, so we must train our minds to expel negative thoughts and leave only positive thoughts to improve our lives. If so, then it is better to nourish our minds and habits with prayer, and not the other way around.
  • miraculous trait
In this chapter of the book, the writer Islam Jamal talks about my lost prayer about the miraculous quality that is a common feature of every prayer. Islam Jamal acknowledges that supernatural qualities are the basis of all success, without which no information will be useful.
In this chapter of the book, I missed the prayer, it gives us a set of information about this property, among which we mention:
  1. Self-control: whether you like it or not, obey it, do what you have to do at the agreed time.
  2. Do not consult your mind: do not consult it, because you will waste a lot of energy and thus become lazy.
  3. Reference point: This is what you do in very difficult and bad situations, and this thing becomes your motivation in difficult times.
  4. This time will pass: know that no matter how difficult the situations you are going through, they will pass, sooner or later.
  • you need
In the book, because you are God, in the name of God, all in the name of Samad. In Islam the beauty of defiance is what brings us back to God Almighty, and prayer is the link between the servant and his servant, O Lord, when you pray and stand to God Almighty, you find what you are all that is. A request that is achieved without strength and power until you realize the meaning of true faith 
  • Habit medicine
Forming a new habit should be our own motivator and encourage us to stick to the habit and continue with it. Islam Jamal said that these dynamics are the first chapters of his book, and the reward is peace, tranquility and comfort, and this is achieved with reverence.
Sanctification is the path to serenity: with reverence, prayer becomes worship, not routine.
The reason for khushoo: slowing down the movement of the hand from the takbeer, and reading as slow as possible.
Soliloquy: If you want to change your mood in prayer, do not talk about the memories of your prayer, but say it and feel that someone is listening and talking to you.
  • be morning
In this chapter of the book I Missed a Prayer, author Jamal tells the story of Hal Elrod in his book Morning of Miracles that changed the lives of thousands of people, and how getting up early saved him from a kind of depression. The author told us his story and called it the Miracle Prayer, the Dawn Prayer, the Mandate Prayer, the Magical Prayer, so that if we persevere, all our goals can be achieved.
  • house there
He, peace and blessings of God be upon him, said: “Whoever prays twelve prayers in addition to the prayer in a day and a night, he will have a house in Paradise.” And the Lord Almighty is the best of justice, so let him be. We do not listen to the teachings of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, because with our additional prayers we love God and He loves us and pleases us.
  • and arrange them
In this chapter of the book I missed a prayer, Islam Jamal says that the most important reason for not sticking to prayer is poor planning because most of our problems are all because we do not understand the best way to deal with them, we forget and do not schedule our important and secondary things, we leave the environment to save the situation, so we have to Define our day and allow our most important actions to pray instead of the other way around.
  • Foolishness you've done 
According to the writer Jamal, we all have a past full of obstacles and events that prevent us from praying. We can use our past experiences to live a better life. So we must not make two mistakes, every time we lose to Satan and miss prayer, we must analyze the reasons for failure so that we do not fall again.
  • You can't
 In this chapter from the book I missed a prayer, Islam Jamal shows us the most effective solutions to fatigue, lethargy and laziness, which are:
  1. The Five Poisons: The Five Poisons are important because they increase blood flow, increase nerve activity and vitality, protect the nose from disease and microbes, and many of the benefits mentioned by the authors.
  2. Walking to the mosque: In general, walking and movement calms the nerves and gives the body unparalleled energy and maintains its weight.
  3. Kneeling and lying on your stomach: Scientific studies have confirmed that kneeling and lying on your stomach can reduce lower back pain and help diabetic and obese patients to regulate their physiological processes.
  4. Prayer times: Research has proven that respecting prayer times leads to spiritual stability. It is a renewal of spiritual energy because it constitutes spiritual peace, purity and justice for the soul.
  5. Small Habits: In the opinion of the author, life is a set of habits that we do every day, and if we organize them well, we will achieve the impossible.
  • and be patient with her 
Patience with it means steadfastness on it, and patience with it because it will benefit us in all the obstacles and tribulations we face, so prayer is like a lifelong training for our souls in order to correct our lives.
  • That's how I knew you
In this chapter of the book I missed a prayer, the closer we are to God Almighty, the more stable our life will be, and the more anxiety and sadness leave ourselves, it is enough to obey the command of God Almighty, it is enough. Of everything because the Almighty God is greater than all, our world is already filled with the anxieties of sadness, anger and all negative qualities, but if we are of the devotees who continue to pray as God Almighty requires us, then we will be excluded from all. If the world continues against you, complaining about it to its creator and owner, then let the world be as you want it, and let us be the promises of God to repent to us, to grant us with kindness and blessings. .

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