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 Albaik success story 

Al Baik Restaurant is a popular restaurant that is always crowded with hundreds or even thousands of tourists. This puts it at the top of the list of fast food restaurants in Saudi Arabia.
The beginning of the success story of Al-Baik:
The word al-Bik is an Ottoman word, like the word al-Basha, which means master. In 1974 AD, when the culture of fast food restaurants began to spread in the Kingdom, Sheikh Abu Ghazal had an idea, may God have mercy on him, to build a distinguished restaurant serving high quality fast food, so Sheikh Abu Ghazal had an idea. And, may God have mercy on him, Prost signed up to build his first restaurant.
But the traditions and customs of Saudi cuisine made the restaurant's initial success very difficult, because people did not take the idea of ​​eating chicken in this way lightly.
For the whole year that Abu Ghazal cooked for the restaurant and served it himself, the restaurant did not eat more than a hundred people.
The restaurant started as a success and gained a good reputation, but unfortunately the dream started to fall apart as Sheikh Abu Ghazar collapsed in bed due to cancer.
Debts accumulated, and the Proust Agency canceled its contract with Al Baik Restaurant.
Father Abu Ghazal, may God have mercy on him, passed away, leaving his sons a heavy legacy that required hard work.
Instead of fulfilling his late father's dream, the eldest son Ethan gave up his major in petroleum engineering and mining and supported his younger brother Rami to complete his studies.
The restaurant's debts were already piling up, and the bank gave them debts, so they either paid or made a reservation. Customers themselves so they can save money and pay for what they have.
Things are starting to get better and the eldest son Yishan decides to go abroad to study business administration after the children had not yet grasped the proper principles of running a restaurant.
In fact, Ethan brought back many ideas that set him apart from his peers in the kingdom.
The demand for Al Baik restaurants increased and the sons business plan succeeded, making Al Baik on the throne of fast food restaurants in Jeddah.
Then the restaurant continued to expand and spread until there were 7 branches of the Al Baik restaurant chain in Mecca alone.
The secret of Albaik's success:
The sons of the late Sheikh Abu Ghazal, may God have mercy on him, said that the secret of their success is that they donated riyals to charities for every meal they sold since their father’s death.
Quality of service, quality of food and maintaining popularity are the basis of Al Baik Restaurant's continuation and success.

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