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  We offer you to  download the rufus program to burn Windows on a flash memory  in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which technical issues are presented on an ongoing basis.

info rufus 

Description of the program is a free, small, lightweight and easy-to-use program that burns different copies of Windows to a USB flash drive, which you can then install on your computer without the need for a CD or DVD. It can be installed from a USB flash drive or any memory card Rufus 2022 is 2 times faster than other burning software, it supports multiple languages, including Arabic and English, and does not require experience with software. Anyone can use Rufus, due to its simple user interface And the obvious. 

Features of rufus 

  • The program is completely free and can be run on your computer without payment.
  • Rufus is small and does not consume a lot of computer resources.
  • How you install Windows 11 on your PC is very important.
  • It supports some languages, the most important of which is Arabic.
  • Simple interface that any novice user can work with.
  • Rufus is always in development.
  • Quickly burn Windows to a flash drive.

rufus عيوب defects 

  1. The program does not include technical support, although the company that developed the program seeks to provide the best service constantly, this thing is considered one of the biggest drawbacks of the program, so if you encounter any problems with the program, you communicate with the program technician. Support will be impossible, leaving you to search for solutions on your own, in this case we recommend watching a video explaining the program, but at the same time we can assure you that the program is very easy to use, and most of the time you do not need technical support to use the program.
  2. The software is so simple that some users will switch to other advanced software, although it may be overcharged, it offers better service and benefits than this software, and these programs often include tech support to help you along the way.
  3. One drawback that may annoy some users is that the interface of the program is a bit outdated, and although this has nothing to do with the efficiency of the program, some users are concerned about these issues.

rufus . software requirements 

  • The following is required to install Rufus: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32-bit or 64-bit) You will also need a USB flash drive of at least 8 GB.

rufus download links 

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