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  Hello dear ones, in this topic we present to you the 10 best iPhone and Android games for 2022 

Real Moto 2

  • Real Moto 2 mobile game is free and can be downloaded on any mobile device.
  • the size is suitable; This makes it convenient to download and does not contain device resources.
  • It offers a single and multiplayer online mode with competitors from all over the world.
  • Players can customize and choose their own cars.
  • Each player will get many rewards, which makes him eligible to buy many resources, which helps him to perform tasks more easily and achieve victory.
  • The graphics used in the game are advanced and professional, and the interior and graphics are based on 3D technology.


NBA NOW 22 is a basketball game for Android. You have to run your own club in this sport and participate in one of the most famous tournaments in the world. In order to achieve your goals, you must form a strong team that can defeat any opponent on the field.
The NBA NOW 22 app will also provide you with a variety of options, allowing you to perform all operations related to running a gym. This means that the first thing you need to do is choose a captain and choose the badge, name and jersey for your team. After that, you can start participating in the first match of each season.
The activities of each game are conducted in an orderly manner. From the corner above, you can see the location of each player through the colored circles. This way you can see the suggested actions initially and see if they affect the scoreboard. In addition, as you participate in more competitions, you will be able to earn rewards, allowing you to develop certain different aspects of your gym.

Combat master

  • Custom Lounge: Create your own map and match time, and invite friends to play together! Play 1v1 or hosted community tournaments!
  • Friends: invites, notifications, and chats
  • Kill Chains: Use the Atomyc Blast to complete the map. It was so easy to score the Atomic goal this week!
  • Surprise Party: Everyone can use the Thumper Pack for free!
  • SMG Dual Mac10
  • New Phoenix Rebirth Pack
  • Texture update - everything is so clear now!
  • target gyroscope
  • Secret Animation.

DLS 2022

  • The highest level of animation and graphics, as well as 3D shots, whether it is kicks or saves for goalkeepers and opponents, or celebrations and other things that give the game a unique reality and higher performance
  • Breaking into the legendary round and reaching the quarter-finals has never been easier. You can now participate in more than 10 different types of cup competitions.
  • Dream League Soccer 2022 contains the coolest players and good people from all over the world, with different clubs and teams.
  • The voiceover is excellent and enthusiastic as well as the sounds of the fans in the stadium improved the enthusiasm of the players and brought suspense and excitement to the game.
  • You can use the best coaches to develop players' abilities to improve their performance on the field
  • Customize your entire team, from the name to the logo and the proposed look to the end
  • Participation in international seasons and tournaments, as well as periodic events, including the inevitable win and entry to the professional level

Professional Fishing

If you are a fishing lover, I am sure that you will be able to use the professional fishing game on your phone, or you will download and try it right away, because this game is one of the coolest fishing simulation games, it offers you more than 9 this place actually contains special graphics very. Three-dimensional.
And you can catch different types of rare fish. There are more than 30 types of them in the game, the size of which is 144MB. It is suitable for Android phones and iPhone. It is suitable for Android and iPhone devices. Best offline game of 2022.


Download Townscaper Happy World for Android 2.05.00 for free and play the game on your phone. This app is one of them. City View apk It's free! Townscaper is a game that allows you to play and build buildings and create cities with your friends. You can choose to play for free or pay to unlock city blackjack with special features. Townscaper is a game in the house. Townscaper free download You can download Townscaper games for free. Download the Android version of Townscaper.
 OBB Townscaper Stabilizer is a game that allows you to build the city of your dreams. You can download Townscaper for Android or PC You can also download PUGB NEW STATE for free. You can download Townscaper for free. It's available for Windows and Android. Download cityscape games for free. City view download. Download Townscaper to play on PC or mobile devices.

Racing Heroes

  • What makes Racing Hero unique is that it is completely free to play without any subscription or purchase fees. Players from all over the world can enjoy it for free at any time.
  • In addition to the game's adoption of design and graphics that are fully compatible with the concept of the game, the game is also equipped with modern, advanced and completely professional graphics without errors.
  • Players can enjoy real-time racing games, racing with a group of PvP players, and players can also play the game individually according to their preferences.
  • The game contains a large number of super cars, the more the player progresses and wins in the game, the more abilities he acquires, the more locks he unlocks, the more power and tools he gets to help him win.
  • Players can customize their characters and vehicles by choosing from a large number of models, shapes, and styles.
  • There are also a large number of colorful and unique trails that run along some of the beaches, curves, terrain, etc.
  • The size of the game is very small and very light on the phone and will not cause problems.


  • The game size is small, no more than 100MB
  •  We provide you a mobile soccer game experience, easy to play games anytime and anywhere
  •  Playing football with live Arabic audio commentary in the stadium for the first time
  •  Play in new and updated stadiums, including 7 classic FIFA stadiums
  • -Sing scores for new crowds with realistic stadium effects
  •  Premier League, La Liga Santander, MLS and more major leagues at hand
  • The next level of soccer simulation
  • Experience the gameplay, including penalty kicks, crosses or quick dribbling, where players perform accurate
  • Realistic game conditions can now customize time and weather options
  •  Build, train and manage soccer legends, level up your ultimate team and test them in a competitive gaming environment.
  •  New bearing and replacement mechanisms provide more customization, choice and control
  • The demo version also contains a game mode
  • Play mini activities through skill games and quizzes

off the road

Off The Road game is one of the great and outstanding racing games where many people all over the world play this amazing game, which has many different features, download the Android version of Off The Road, the game simulates various closings - all around the scientist. A world where you can drive many different cars and vehicles and practice driving many different vehicles on these roads, and this game is one of the great open games, which contains many different worlds that you can drive without having to go to a particular place by driving, you can drive Many different cool cars on many different cool offroad and mountain roads, drive many different trucks. And at the same time, you can perform many different tasks. You perform in the game to get many great prizes.

 Beyond a Steel Sky

Beyond a Steel Sky is an action and adventure game that tells an interesting and exciting story. The game also relies on various decisions, consequences, and puzzles, as well as an audio storytelling style when playing. It is a third-person perspective. The story of the game tells a long time ago that the world was destroyed by war and the city still exists. There are very strict laws in place, and it is known that all wealthy people are difficult to enter and penetrate.

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