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Explanation of the application to block WhatsApp calls for iPhone and Android Tools for WhatsApp

   Hello, dear people, in this topic we offer you an explanation of the WhatsApp call blocking application for iPhone and Android Tools for WhatsApp

Information about the Tools for WhatsApp app

How to disable the calling feature in WhatsApp, disable WhatsApp calls for Android, stop receiving WhatsApp voice calls, the feature to select who is calling you in WhatsApp Plus for Android, and an explanation of the steps. How to block WhatsApp calls How to block WhatsApp calls on your Android phone
A lot of people are looking for a way to hide the contact in WhatsApp in order to get… related to sending text messages and making voice calls for free by… turning off the WhatsApp related notifications in the phone…
How to block WhatsApp calls on an Android device. From this article, you will learn how to block incoming calls from a specific user on WhatsApp, how to deactivate the method of stopping WhatsApp calls, and how to block WhatsApp calls on your Android phone.
The WhatsApp tools are here, and we have some great tools to offer you: ★ Share 10 + to share more than 10 images at a time that is generated by WhatsApp. Want to share 1,932 photos you took at the beach or during your trip? Now you can! That's easy!
How to stop whatsapp calls. Block calls in WhatsApp for Arab countries and activate the call. So you can get a solution to the problem of blocking voice calls in WhatsApp, and get a key to activate calls in WhatsApp, to take advantage of the calls. How to block WhatsApp calls How to block WhatsApp calls on your Android phone
If someone calls you from whom you have blocked receiving a WhatsApp call, he will not see any connection problem, but the call will not appear to you at that time,

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