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Explain how to delete WhatsApp messages to everyone after a long time

   Hello dear ones, in this topic we offer you an explanation of how to delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after a long time 

Explain how to delete WhatsApp messages to everyone after a long time 

 Turn off Wi-Fi or mobile data on your phone so that the phone is not connected to the Internet, and this is a very necessary step for a smooth working method.
Now we move to the icon of the WhatsApp application, then we press on it for a long time, then we choose the “Application information” option and then you force stop the WhatsApp application, and you can also go to this page by entering the settings and then the applications after that you search for the WhatsApp application inside the applications, then Finally, click on the Force Stop button.
Now you will go to the settings, then the general management option as shown in the image below, to indicate the names of the sections within the settings may differ from one phone to another, but despite that the method is the same.
Then click on the date and time option, to set the time and date on your phone, and I'll explain to you shortly why we need this.
Next, you will disable the automatic date and time setting so that you can manually set the time as well as the date, month, and year of the day.
Now, set the date of your phone Set the date so that your phone date is the day before the date you sent the message to delete, for example the message you want to delete from both sides you sent on December 17, 2020, you will set the date in your phone on December 16, 2020 and save the settings .
Now you go back to WhatsApp and don't turn on Wi-Fi or phone data after leaving it turned off. After opening the WhatsApp application, go to the message you want to delete, long press on it, then press the delete icon, and you will find that the button to delete the message for everyone has appeared again, click on it.
After you see a message that you deleted that message, exit the app and turn on Wi-Fi or phone data on your device, then enter again in WhatsApp to delete the message from everyone and now you go back to settings and return the date and time to automatic.
In this way, you have finished deleting the message from everyone, even if it was once for more than an hour, in an easy and simple way. I hope you enjoy the article and benefit from it.

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