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Application to convert the look of the Android phone into a modern Windows Computer Launcher

   Hello dear people, in this topic we offer you the application to convert the Android phone into a modern Windows Computer Launcher

Information about Computer Launcher

If you are bored with the usual Android phone interface and want to break that routine, this app lets you run Windows 10 Launcher (which is inspired by Windows), you will be able to personalize and enjoy your phone with its unique look and feel.

Computer Launcher Features

  •  Drag and drop from the desktop and taskbar
  •  User can add display widget to desktop
  •  Customize the taskbar, desktop, and app drawer
  •  Low consumption of battery, processor and RAM resources
  •  You can apply icon pack for app and desktop
  •  It is clean and battery efficient
  •  Backup data and restore settings
  •  The ability to control and customize it as desired
  • Change color and display color of anything and text color
  • Multicolor support for taskbar and menu
  •  Signal icon and notification center panel
  •  Widgets in desktop mode
  •  Built-in apps (image viewer)
  •  Show quick settings window
  •  Removable desktop icons
  •  Emulate Windows 10 in all its details
  •  Notify the center of more features
  •  The paid version does not need to be purchased
  •  Built-in Gallery feature added
  •  Add apps in the start menu
  •  View Inside Peek
  •  Tablet and Android TV support
  •  Free from annoying ads
  •  Customize display time
  •  Simple and easy interface
  •  Hide apps
  •  Applications folder

Computer Launcher Download Links

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Documentation of the golden reference for the subject:
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