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   Hello, dear friends, in this topic we offer you the UNO game for iPhone and Android

Information about the UNO . application

UNO is an American card game. This game is played with special cards. The game evolved over the years until the game became official in 1992. Merle Robbins was a barber shop owner in Ohio, and he loved playing cards a lot, and one day in 1971, Merle came up with an idea to show Uno to his family, and when his family and friends started playing the game Permanently, Merle spent $8,000 to get 5,000 copies of the game. At first, Merle sold the game from the barber shop, then sold the property rights to Robert Tessack and four of his friends for 50,000 thousand dollars, and so with the launch and official sale of the game to the new owners, the game began to spread more in the United States, and in other countries.

Features of the UNO . application

  • The game works on Android and iOS smart devices.
  • Possibility to play with friends from different countries of the world.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to join you in the game.
  • The game has many bonuses and money while winning.
  • It has the same strategy and rules of the original game.
  • Gorgeous graphics with great visual and sound effects.
  • The ability to choose the right avatar for you, call it with your real name, and participate in the game.
  • The game is available for free in APK format.

Disadvantages of UNO . Application

  • Contains some annoying ads

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In conclusion, do not make this application or program and game and others to delay you from your religion and perish and your friends, and we are innocent to God of any bad uses of what we offer, we offer it for people to benefit from it recreationally and practically and not for bad use or completely distracting it from the rest of the matters of life and religion.

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