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  Hello dear ones, in this topic we offer you to download WhatsApp for PC exclusively WhatsApp Desktop

Information about WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop is one of the best and most popular programs that help you communicate with your friends and family through the computer with ease, like the application on your phone. This version of WhatsApp enables you to send and receive unlimited text and voice messages for free, as well as make voice calls, send pictures, and you can create work groups and communicate with many individuals and friends at the same time, which is distinguished by sending messages to all members of the group in one time.

Features of WhatsApp Desktop

  • The program supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems.
  • The user can open WhatsApp without opening the browser.
  • It provides free international voice and video calls.
  • Available in Arabic and many other languages.
  • Featured group chat rooms and groups.
  • Group text messages and instant voice messages.
  • It provides free calls and text messages through a computer or laptop.
  • The program runs in the background and informs the user when messages and conversations have arrived.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Desktop

  1. In its old versions, the WhatsApp desktop download did not allow users to delete messages after sending them, but it is now available in a somewhat acceptable manner.
  2. You cannot edit the messages you send. If you mistype a message and realize after sending it that the recipient will not understand it, you will have to send another message. Yes, of course, this is not a big problem, but it is annoying to many, especially fast typists.
  3. You can only use the WhatsApp program on the computer by syncing it with the application on the mobile phone, which means that you will have to use one number on the computer and the phone at the same time.
  4. The method of synchronizing a barcode between a computer and a smartphone is confusing and difficult by some users, which is why they are satisfied with using the software via a smartphone. Perhaps the company will provide another way to sync between them in the future.
  5. WhatsApp is not as fast in receiving messages as Telegram.
  6. The number of people you can add to a group is limited and this is very annoying for users, and this is one of the main reasons why some people turn to Telegram instead.
  7. You cannot create channels in it.
  8. The size of the videos it allows you to send is very small compared to other competing messengers.
  9. It does not send images in their original resolution by default.
  10. The encryption of messages in WhatsApp is not as strong as the encryption in Telegram.

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