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   Hello dear ones, in this topic we offer you to download the Telegram program for the computer Telegram Desktop

Information about Telegram Desktop

Telegram Desktop 2021 is known as the all-in-one privacy software for your online chats. It is a desktop telegram software and communication software. It is a private and secure program that is characterized by its high speed and ease of use. It is an unlimited program that works across platforms and is easy to use by the Telegram that requires it. Telegram Desktop 2021 is 100% free, but it is a program that requires about 25 MB of disk space, which displays an easy and simple user interface, which takes you to the page where you need to confirm your country code and enter your phone number.

Features of Telegram Desktop

  • Telegram Desktop enables you to publish some versions of all mobile platforms like Android.
  • Telegram enables you to publish the iOS versions known as Telegram Messenger.
  • Telegram Desktop supports Windows phones and desktop operating systems such as Windows, Malik, and Linux OSX.
  • You can update Telegram to be a good alternative to other messengers on your device.
  • Telegram Desktop is available on some mobile platforms.
  • Telegram offers some security explanations that keep users safe and their messages are automatically encrypted and stored online.
  • Telegram supports all devices and platforms. This version is for Windows PCs.
  • Telegram Desktop provides the most secure chatting service among all free communication and communication software, providing a high level of security and complete confidentiality for all chat content such as messages, attachments and media. It is a feature not available in many other communication software.
  • Arabic Telegram Desktop relies on a fast connection to its cloud service. Therefore, the process of opening your photos, files and all attachments sent through it is an easy, fast and secure process that makes it one of the best services of its kind.
  • Due to its spread, great popularity, and continued success, it has made the Arabic Telegram program available to all countries and various languages, including Arabic. It has become indispensable if you want highly private and confidential conversations.
  • Telegram Desktop features an interface that makes it easy for the user to browse, and he can even attach his contact list and view the conversations he has periodically and continuously without sudden stops or crashes.
  • When you create your account on Telegram 2021, the program asks you to enter your name and phone number and it is valid for use, as a message is sent from the program to confirm that the number is for it, to generate a security code and activate the account, and as we mentioned, it is completely secure on all devices and on all your information.
  • Telegram allows you to create groups of up to 200 contacts and broadcast messages to a maximum of 100 people regardless of the platform used and even the software allows the use of an upgrade for it.
  • Telegram is distinguished by the presence of desktop alerts for incoming messages, in addition, it supports files, sending photos and ensuring compatibility with any format, whether it is documents, archives, music files and photos.
  • The program, like the rest of the messaging applications, allows the use of different emojis that express satisfaction, anger, approval and disapproval, and Telegram depends on the presence of some advanced security protocols that send the message automatically as soon as the Internet returns after being interrupted.
  • These messages can be obtained by connecting to mobile and desktop devices to identify them, no matter where the person is.
  • People in Telegram PC rely on adding some special effects to their stickers, which can be traded among themselves to get closer to each other and find it easy to recognize the news between them.

Disadvantages of Telegram Desktop

  1. Failure to achieve the expected popularity rate by users of this program.
  2. The ease of making calls with people through its messaging window, and the complete security it provides to the user to protect their private data through full encryption to reduce the problems of theft and hacking.
  3. Those responsible for managing this program failed to explain all the features available within it, as there are many features that are hidden from the eyes of some users, such as secret conversations and the ability to destroy messages at any time.

Requirements to run Telegram Desktop

  1. Processor: Intel or AMD dual-core processor at 3 GHz
  2. RAM: 512MB RAM
  3. Hard Disk: 512MB Hard Disk Space
  4. Video graphics: Intel GMA Graphics or AMD equivalent

Telegram Desktop Download Links

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