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   Hello, dear friends, in this topic, we present to you the Magisto video editor application for iPhone and Android

Information about the Magisto app 

Download Magisto Video Editing App for Android and iPhone: Magisto App for Android and iPhone is one of the best professional video editing apps that you can use to create amazing videos in seconds, and it is found in the most popular online stores such as the App Store and Google Play Store.
It is a great video editing tool where you will be able to turn the videos you record at home into original movies in a very magical way through the Magisto mobile app.
What distinguishes the application is that it is very easy and very charming that allows you to create very cool videos in a very short time, so if you are looking for an application to edit videos very quickly and without any effort, Magisto for Android will be a very special tool for you.

Magisto app features 

  • Unique technology that analyzes and combines the best parts of your videos to create a unique clip.
  • Share videos on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, email, and even YouTube.
  • Stabilize the video image, add filters, effects, transitions, and montage it.
  • Face recognition detects the important people in your videos.
  • Upload videos and photos from your photos or use Magisto's smart camcorder.
  • Add audio tracks from your device or from Magisto's library of licensed music.
  • Access your movies from any device that supports the program.
  • Show makers replace with collections of cool videos
  • Add photos from Instagram, MP4 movies, etc.
  • Watch the movie from the application player after creating it with ease.

Disadvantages of Magisto app 

  1. There is no phone support but there is great customer service provided through the live chat function. There, send and receive files such as screenshots.
  2. Editing photos has to be done in a photo editor, as there is no feature to edit photos from within the platform.

Magisto app download links 


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In conclusion, do not make this application or program and game and others to delay you from your religion and perish and your friends, and we are innocent to God of any bad uses of what we offer, we offer it for people to benefit from it recreationally and practically and not for bad use or completely distracting it from the rest of the matters of life and religion.

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