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   Hello dear friends, in this topic, we present to you the latest version of iTunes for PC 

Information about iTunes 

The best software to download, iTunes download for PC with direct link for Windows 7, free iTunes launched by the American company Apple to organize and play video and music for PC, download iTunes 32 2020, as well as for iTunes download for Windows iTunes 7 bit-64 is an online store To sync iPhone and iPad and send and receive files between the device and Apple products,
Apple and iTunes own the Digital Media Player, which is used to organize digital music and video files, as well as connect to the Internet for buying music and video, and for downloading music and video files from the Internet. Download iTunes for PC to Control iPhone, Updated for Free.

iTunes Features 

  • Organize the files in your phone the way you want.
  • The ability to back up your phone to avoid losing important files.
  • Install apps and games from your iTunes market.
  • Music search feature by typing artist, album or music name.
  • Transfer various files to and from iPhone and iPad devices.
  • A music player is integrated with the program so that you can play your files directly from iTunes.
  • View the exact details of the status of your device that is paired with your computer.
  • Full compatibility with various Windows XP / 7/8/10 systems.
  • The interface is elegant, easy to use and free from all complications.
  • The program supports many international languages, including Arabic, English and French.
  • Provide device definitions so you can easily identify them.

iTunes Disadvantages 

  1. Apple iTunes is designed for every operating system and every type of device, so it won't run a different version than your computer's type.
  2. The iTunes Store does not work very efficiently on Windows computers, many users have complained about the heavy use of it on their devices and not making the most of it.

iTunes Requirements 

  1. Intel or AMD processor with a frequency of 1 GHz and memory capacity of 512.
  2. Internet connection.
  3. sound card.
  4. ATI or NVIDIA graphics card
  5. Windows 7 or later such as Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10.
  6. Hard disk storage space of 400 MB or more.

iTunes Download Links 

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