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Specifications of the Apple Watch 7 2021

Specifications of the Apple Watch 7 2021

Apple Watch 7 specifications 

Apple has announced a whole new generation of the popular Apple Watch, which comes with a new look and exciting features.

The look of the new Apple Watch differs slightly from its predecessor, as the screen now extends to the edge of the watch, allowing more screen space.

The new bezels surrounding the display will be thinner than before, at just 1.7mm thick, and the Always On display mode is 70 percent brighter. NS

The company says that a noticeable increase (50 percent) of the text in messages, the user will be able to read, compared to the sixth generation of watches.

In its presentation of the watch, Apple said that it is crack-resistant, which means that it should be able to dunk in sand at the beach or handle other dusty environments without fail.

Apple Watch 7 price 

The new Apple Watch will launch soon with a starting price of $399.

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