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call of duty 5 call of duty game for pc windows and mac - latest information and download

   Hello dear ones, in this topic we offer you the call of duty 5 game Call of Duty for PC Windows and Mac - the latest information and download

Information about Call of Duty 5 game Call of Duty for PC Windows and Mac 

Call Duty 5 has gained such a large share of popularity on PC that it has become one of the best PC games that has impressed many players and caused a stir among lovers of war and action games, in addition to downloading Call of Duty 5, the wars in call duty have been updated. 5.
  It is old wars and a sequel to the series we are talking about about the game that was during the Second World War and today with a new story from the history of the beautiful game. In this version, if you are going to wage powerful wars and very strong battles against the allied forces that came to get rid of them in Call Of Duty 5 free game, you will reach the battlefield and shoot hard against all the enemies. You must also secure your friends and use their powerful weapons to defeat the enemies and reach the end of the game.

Features of Call of Duty 5 Call of Duty for PC Windows and Mac 

  • There are many different environments and maps in the war game, which makes it more exciting and unique.
  • Many new weapons have been added including flamethrowers, cannons and missiles.
  • Evaluate the improvement and development of better player control of movement, hitting and stealth.
  • Also, feral dogs are released in the torture of prisoners.
  • Easy to control the game and reach the wonderful goals in it.
  • Getting the best out of very strong victories in the game is very professional and important.
  • The game has interesting graphics, which makes the game similar to the real one.
  • You will see the game across real maps, which is very fun, and the real wars are just like reality.
  • You will find modern realism in ancient war as if time has brought you back.
  • You can download Call of Duty 5 World At War for free through the war games download section.

Call of Duty 5 game requirements for PC Windows and Mac 

  •  Operating system: XP or later.
  •  Pentium 4 or later processor with 3.0 GHz vibration rate
  • RAM: 1 GB or more.
  •  A graphics card with an area of ​​256 MB.
  •  Having DirectX 9.0c
  •  There is a mouse and keyboard to play the game.

Call of Duty 5 Download Links for Call of Duty for PC Windows and Mac 

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