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Download Twitter for iPhone and Android with the latest features

 You can retweet, chime in on topics, jump right in, or scroll through your Twitter timeline to see what everyone's talking about. Twitter is your favorite social media app and a new media source for what's happening in the world, straight from the accounts of influencers that impact the world every day.

2 install for iphone

To securely install the Twitter application for  iPhone  from the Emad Store in its developed version, click on Install for the iPhone marked under it with the line shown above.

تثبيت للايفون 1 و 3 install for iphone

When downloading the Twitter application for iPhone, it must first be ensured that the applications certificate is working by following our accounts on social networking sites with the user @emad1saleh@ where we publish tweets and publications announcing that the applications are working.

And to download the Twitter application for  Android  from the Emad Store with its wonderful and developed features:

Download for Android 1  Download for Android

Explore media trends and learn about genre leaders on the topics that matter to you. Interests range from #KpopTwitter to politics, news and sports. You can follow and talk directly with influencers and friends. All sounds can affect the world.

Follow your interests. Tweets, tweets, replies to tweets, posts and more - Twitter is the number one social media app for the latest news and updates.

Take advantage of what's happening around you. Find hashtags and trending topics to stay updated with your friends and other Twitter followers. Follow your favorite influencer tweets and hundreds of interesting Twitter users to read their content at a glance.

Please share your opinion. Take advantage of social networks with prominent links, photos and videos. DM your friends or post them in a thread. Whether you're chatting in private or posting orally, your voice makes a difference.

takes care. With Twitter, you can find the people you care about and increase your followers. Maintaining social contact has never been easier! In addition to chatting with friends, Twitter allows influencers to develop personal relationships with their fans. Talk directly to the people who influence you - you may be surprised at the number of answers.

Create a profile.

* Customize your profile and add photos, descriptions, locations and background images

* Tweet often and improve posting time

* Post visual content

* Use hashtags for tweets

* Attract followers from Twitter

Follow directions

Discover popular hashtags and the latest news headlines. Follow media topics, tweet threads, and live videos to stay up to date. Whether you are interested in high-profile sporting events, popular cultural memes or politics, Twitter is your resource.

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