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The success story of Kentucky International Company and Restaurants

The success story of Kentucky International Company and Restaurants

 Apart from scientific discoveries and inventions, today this article talks about the most famous success stories in the culinary world. This is the success story of the founder of this famous restaurant, KFC chain, which has been running for a record time. Gaining great popularity in the United States, but now there are about 11,000 branches around the world, I hope you enjoy reading.

First: upbringing

Kernel Harland Sanders was born on September 9, 1890 and raised in a very poor family with a low standard of living.

After her husband's death, her mother was able to find work to make ends meet, so she had to leave her home for her eldest son, Harland, to take care of her home and younger brother. This is what trained him to cook food, especially fried chicken, when he was seven years old.

Second: His research and work

Although the child faced difficulties after the death of his father, after completing his secondary education he entered the university and studied law, but due to the deterioration of the situation he worked in a car service, so he worked in addition to studying. After graduating from college, agriculture, firefighting, insurance policy sales, I got a job in a legal profession, got a job in a company, and was able to buy a gas station.

Third: His work in the field of cooking

At the age of 39, and especially in 1929, a restaurateur came to him who complained about the poor quality of food in a Kentucky restaurant. He came up with the idea of ​​creating a small restaurant serving food. In fact, Colonel Harland Sanders worked to implement his ideas and began planning.

He managed to convert one of the gas station rooms into a kitchen selling fried chicken, potatoes and vegetables. It was only a few months that the restaurant workers became known and crowded with customers. Build an entire gas station and turn it into a restaurant named Cafe Sanders.

Ten years later he discovered the secret to frying chicken without cooking oil, which made a huge difference in his life, turned down offers, and went on with his career.

Unfortunately, after his great success, Harland was forced to sell the restaurant for half the amount offered by the Governor of Kentucky. This is due to the reorganization of the city, which keeps his restaurant off the highway and the number of customers in the restaurant.

Fourth: Establishing Kentucky Fried Chicken

Haaland suffered heavy losses, but his ambitions prompted him to continue moving forward after his dreams. In fact, he moved between countries trying to persuade them to prepare his secret mixture and start serving it to all restaurants in the United States, but to buy his own mixture, but his attempt was unsuccessful and he was disappointed again that he could only convince five restaurants in two years.

Thanks to Harland's insistence on creating a chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants until it numbered 200, Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants reached 600 branches in 1963 and sold out when Harland turned 77. She managed to do so. After offering all his assets to various investors for $2 million, it became a joint stock company that was sold for $275 million and acquired by PepsiCo in 1986 for $840 million.

Fifth: death

Colonel Harland died of leukemia at the age of 90 after spending his life fighting and striving. He does not know the meaning of despair or failure, and his restaurant is still the most famous and widespread in the world.

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