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The success story of the American company Tesla

 The success story of the American company Tesla

 How did Tesla succeed?

The electric vehicle market in the United States includes well-known auto manufacturers such as Ford (F) and Chevrolet (GM), but Tesla gained media attention in 2013. With CEO Aeron Musk when he launched his flagship Model S.

Not only was Tesla's launch a success among car buyers, it also led to the company's spotlight as one of the few independent automakers and a leader in the electric vehicle market. A luxury and elegant sedan, the Model S starts at $69,000. It has won the highest mark in journalism and industry.

Car & Driver gave the car five stars, and Tesla garnered a lot of attention when the Model S debuted in 2013 and the industry newspaper gave it its honour. The plug-in car received a near-perfect score of 99 out of 100 from Consumer Reports. It's also called "the best car I've ever tested" and is one of Elon Musk's most significant investments.

By September 2014, the car had sold 2,500 record units in the United States, with sales in the first quarter of 2015 reaching a record high of 10,030 units.

Tesla hasn't been as successful overnight as the Elon Musk satellite, nor is it emerging as a leader in the electric car market. The company was founded in 2003 by two Silicon Valley engineers, Martin Eberhard and Mark Turbining. "They wanted to show that electric cars could be better than petrol cars," the site said.

Timeline of Tesla's Success


The seeds of the company date back to 1990, when Turpening met Evahard, a wise technology engineer, and they became friends. The two had a lot in common, including a passion for entrepreneurship.


They soon launched a company like Nuvo Media, which launched a rocket e-book in 1998. His passion for cars started shortly after Evahard's divorce, and he decided to buy a sports car. He invested in an electric car maker and boutique called AC Promotion, and he wondered. If this is the market he can enter.


In 2001, Everhard and Turbinning met Musk when he overheard him speaking to the Mars Society at Stanford University and introducing himself.


After selling the company to eBay in 2002 and making a fortune in PayPal stock, he launched another company, SpaceX. The company designs, manufactures and sells advanced rockets and spacecraft. Airport.


Tesla was officially founded in 2003 with the goal of developing a powerful and beautiful zero-emission electric vehicle. Other founders are J.P. Strobel, Tesla's chief technology officer, and Ian Wright, who left Tesla to create another company in 2004. Speed ​​of Light, 2004. The company's founder took an initial investment round with the venture capital firm, and led PayPal co-founder, Aeron Musk, the company's first funding round a year later when he joined him as chairman, and it got a lot of attention. [1]

The secret of Tesla's success

Not long ago, after carefully studying Tesla's brand strategy and comparing my thoughts to those of CEOs around the world, I believed that most analysts in both the financial, automotive, and energy industries were in charge of the company, and I explained why. My central argument for Tesla's future was not in the ability to produce cars, but in batteries.

On the other hand, the brand is not only a leader in the luxury car market, with the ability to significantly increase production thanks to the Model 3.

In the United States, sales in Europe tripled, the market shrank by 8% and was consolidated as one of the best selling cars in many countries.

The strategy of closing showrooms and moving all sales online was considered risky for many, but it was a hit, a hit in 2018, and shows 2019 will be better.

Some of Tesla's most extreme critics, including Bob Lutz, who predicted bankruptcy was imminent, have already changed their minds and are now praising the car's features and attention to detail.

If you're looking for evidence of the importance of batteries in corporate strategy, you'll find it from scratch, from Australia to Zimbabwe, and this is Elon Musk's advice.

With a focus on batteries and a focus on building a massive plant, the company is making strategic acquisitions to attract and target talent as a research generating station in the field.

Therefore, the secret of Tesla's success is not the sale of cars, but the future. [2]

Tesla's first product

Tesla has taken a unique approach to establishing itself in the market. Instead of building a relatively affordable car that can be mass-produced and sold, we take the opposite approach and focus on creating attractive cars that generate demand. electric car.

In a post on Tesla's website, CEO Elon Musk described the company's mission as follows:

We decided to build a sports car, where you have to build the best selling opportunity for alternatives to gasoline.”

So, when Tesla delivered its first luxury sports car, the Tesla Roadster, to market, the company sold nearly 2,500 roadsters before ending production in January 2012. 2 is a number that makes GM nervous. [3]

Tesla car models

Tesla entered the market with its sports car, the Roadster, when it introduced the Serraz S sedan in

Tesla began shipping its first SUV, the Model X, in September 2015.

Deliveries of the Laraze 3 began in July 2017 with Tesla entering the affordable car segment.

In 2020, its base model is priced at $36,200.

Tesla customer service, service centers, service centers, customer service stations, and they believe that opening a service center in a new area corresponds to customer service, customer service, excellent mail service.

Works well in the long run, works in the long run, works in the long run, works in the long run, works in the long run Some of the companies that brought the trucking companies,

Tesla's latest model is a premium version of the Roadster, watch the company claims is the world's fastest car, capable of going from 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds. The new car is expected to be delivered in 2021 with a base price of $200,000. [4]

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