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The best sites for profit from uploading files

  There are a lot of sites that you can work on, upload files to and fetch downloads to make profits from the site, and these sites differ in several things such as how long the file is saved, the way the visitor takes to access the file and the revenue you get for every 1000 downloads you get, and from these Locations:

The best sites for profit from uploading files

1- File Upload site to profit from uploading files:

File Upload site is one of the distinguished sites that you can rely on in this field. The site is characterized by a simple and easy to use interface that supports the Arabic language. The site also enjoys a high return on downloads, and it can be considered the best site for profit from uploading files for Arabs. The site also maintains files for For a long time, it is an excellent option, and the site contains high-quality servers that provide the visitor with a distinguished experience through fast downloading and without interruptions or errors, and you can upload files to it to view it directly and a lot of great features.

  Features of File Upload website:

•  Low minimum payment starting from only $1.

•  Files are stored forever on the File Upload website.

•  You can upload files up to 10 GB per file.

• A  tool for downloading from your computer without having to use a browser.

•  High return of up to $7 per 100 downloads on the site.

•  Many local payment methods in many Arab countries.

•  More than 100 GB of storage space that you can use to upload your files.

Payment methods and minimum withdrawals:

•  / NETELLER $5

•  Pioneer / $50

•  Egypt Post / 10 dollars

•  Algerian Post / 15 dollars

•  Western Union / $100

•  Cash Plus Morocco / $15

•  There are many other payment methods

2- Up-4ever to profit from uploading files:

Up-4ever is one of the excellent sites in this field and it has great features and features that should be among your options in this field, you can collectively upload your files on the site and publish them links to fetch downloads, this site provides an easy way to download files so that the visitor does not get tired of the download method And leave the site, the download method is good that helps the visitor to complete the download process to the end, as well as the return provided by the site is rewarding, especially with external downloads, and the return is also good for Arab countries.

  Up-4ever Website Features:

•  Earn up to $7 per 1000 downloads

•  Minimum withdrawal starts from 1 dollar only

•  All payment methods are available on the site to withdraw your profits

•  The site provides you with 120 GB space to download what you want on it

•  Many payment methods.

3- Up-load.io site to profit from uploading files:

Up-load.io is one of the great sites that you can rely on, especially if you specialize in files that target foreign users.

The site has strong protection and file encryption and works on the most powerful SSD-quality servers that provide speed and ease in the download process, and the site is characterized by the rewarding return that the user gets, as it is one of the good sites that can be relied upon.

  Features of Up-load.io:

•  Minimum profit for withdrawal when reaching $5.

•  Payment is made within 48 hours of the withdrawal request.

•  You can download files directly from other links.

•  Various payment methods and a low minimum for most of them.

•  Huge storage space of up to 49 GB for free.

•  Good return for other countries may be up to $6 per 1000 downloads.

•  Very high return of $21 per 1000 downloads from Canada and America.

  Payment methods and minimum withdrawals:

•  Bayer / $5

•  Paypal / $5

•  Bitcoin / $30

•  Ethereum / $30

•  Web me / $ 5

4- Upload & Earn site to profit from uploading files:

Another site in the list of the best sites to download files and profit from them with this distinguished site is the Upload & Earn site, through which you can earn for every download you get, or upload and sell files through the site or referral.

  Features of Upload & Earn:

•  The minimum payment is only $1.

•  There are many ways to withdraw profits.

•  Pay automatically twice a month.

•  Various ways to make money from files easily.

5- Upload Rar site to profit from uploading files:

Another site that you can use to upload your files on the Internet and earn money from it is Upload Rar, which is very similar to the previous site in the script used, the site provides an easy-to-use interface for visitors to download files without problems, and it also provides a very high return for the downloads you download.

  Features of Upload Rar:

• It  offers several payment methods with different withdrawal limits.

•  An open storage space to download any files you want to it.

•  Good returns for other countries range from $5 to $6 per 1000 downloads.

•  Generous return of up to $17 per 1,000 downloads from Canada, Qatar and Australia.

  Disadvantages of Upload Rar:

•  Few payment methods are available.

•  Minimum withdrawal amount up to $20.

• A  bit strict in the quality of the files hosted on their sites.

  Payment methods and withdrawal limits:

•  Bitcoin / $20.

•  Paypal / $20.

•  Pioneer / 50 dollars.