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Solve the problem of blocking iodel for iPhone and Android

 Detailed explanation of how to unblock jodel in response to a question from our dear visitors to our site about how to solve the problem of how to unblock jodel, which involved many jodel accounts. Methods to open the ban, and most importantly find out the urban cause, do not return to the problem. 

The most important question that comes to the mind of many fans of the program is how to solve this problem by unblocking Jodel? In the next paragraph of this article, you will know the method very simply and very briefly

How to lift the ban on iodine? The ban was not limited to the Yodel Plus app that we announced earlier, but the metropolitan area now also includes the accounts of original Yodel users, before any issues were resolved we, C 'right for us to gather the information first so we don't make matters worse and can't be corrected. Again, it is this philosophy that has served me and has benefited many inhabitants of the planet. 

Many of us are always looking for shortcuts, okay. It's a very natural idea. But the question is, can taking the shortest route lead to more problems? Therefore, we want to provide enough information to help you solve the problem. If you encounter it again, follow the statement in this article to find the right solution. 

In the language of your publication of a post that incites hatred, racism, ridicule, or anything that may harass some, the most important reason for an official ban is immediately in the "Block". It is one of the reasons for closing accounts that you should learn. Posting sexual or illegal content is a direct reason to unblock Yodel. 

Types of iodine blockages So far, there are two main types of iodine blockages on the iPhone:

Short-term (temporary) ban:

The account will be banned and your preferences will not be visible to everyone until the ban is lifted

Temporary Ban: Banning for a short period, because the account can be reused after a short time, and when your Yodel account is banned, your will will not appear to users until the ban is deleted. 

Final (permanent) account ban:

Note that the ban for the third time is a permanent presence of the account

Permanent ban: for the reasons mentioned above or because the temporary ban has been repeated several times

The solution is to remove the iodine ban forever. The ban in Yodel will not be unblocked with just one click of a button, there are actions you have to do before the message says your account has been accessed, there should not be exactly the same friend message before the message messages are different different version of the app. 

Here are the most important steps we recommend to take to gradually increase the civilian presence of your account, so that if the first solution does not work, try the other until one of the solutions works

First solution:

We recommend that you never use the app for at least 3-5 consecutive days

Second solution:

Extend the time to a whole week, and I mean (if you start counting again for 7 days in a row) you should never click on an app icon

Third solution:

Try to contact the technical support of the application and tell them the exact problem if you have not violated the previous conditions and the reason for blocking is just a bug that must be overcome

Video explanation: