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 Turn your videos into amazing mini movies with Perfect Video Cutter. This video cutter is only designed to cut unwanted clips from your video

Features of Perfect Video Cutter: - Powerful and easy-to-use video editing - Simple user interface design for editing your video - Save video to gallery - Easily edit and share movie video files on your phone - Share your videos on social media or in -store Cloud Or save it to your phone. 

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Cut your favorite video parts in just a few clicks! Yes, the easiest to use, the highest quality video export function is available. 

How to use Perfect Video Cutter: - Select the video from the already scanned list on the first screen. Yes, the app scans and displays all movies/videos from device memory in the app itself. 

- On the second screen, you can set the ellipsis marks. - On the third screen, you will see the final output file and you can preview it in the application itself. 

- As the output files are stored in your device's memory, the application has a screen where you can see all your creations. You can access the screen from the first screen by clicking on the second button called My Videos. 

Download the free app now and unleash the creative juices. 

 Perfect Video is a complete and easy to use application for editing videos and slides. This application helps you to cut, merge, split, flip, rotate, flip, retrieve and crop videos, as well as the ability to add comments and mosaic the video, as well as watermarks, images and text. You can choose the transitions you want between different clips, add music or recordings, and you can also export the videos you've created. 

1. Animation with keyframes: Key points can be added using different mods. 

2. A video clip in the image. 

3. Split photos: Watch two videos side by side. 

4. Chrome switch (green/blue screen): Replace the static video wallpaper screen with a video or image. 

5. Mosaic videos: in pixels, blur or highlight part of the video. 

6. Video Color: Adjust and adjust the video color (brightness, contrast, saturation, hue..) in real time. 

7. Animation: Apply Ken Burns effect to photos. 

(other features and how to use them)

1) Import videos or photos: Add multiple videos or photos to a project instantly. 

2) Aspect ratio: Original video size, 1:1, 4:5, 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 3:4, 19.5:9, 9:19.5, 3:2 , 2:3, 2:1, 1:2, 2. 39:1. 

3) Paint background settings: You can adjust the color, blur the background or add a custom image. 

4) Merge: Merge multiple video clips, images or text into one. 

5) Split: You can use this function to delete part of the video, or speed up/slow down part of the video. 

6) From video to image: Extract still images from video by split feature. 

7) Cut: Cut out any unwanted moment. 

8) Slow Motion: Slow down or speed up videos (0.25 to 6 times the original speed). 

9) Cut, reverse, reverse, rotate and angle adjustments. 

10) Reverse: Play the video in reverse. 

11) Duplicate: Duplicate projects or make copies of clips. 

12) Animated Caption: Add text or animation to videos. 

13) Watermark: Show your logo in the video. 

14) Audio: mute or raise the video volume (0 to 500%). 

15) Music: Add some music tracks to the project. You can also trim a specific part of the audio clip to include in your project. 

16) Sound Effects: Choose from many built-in sound effects. 

17) Transitions: Select the appropriate transitions between videos from the wide range of transitions included in the app. 

18) Video pop/fade: Adjust appearance and streaming options outside of the settings screen, to control the first and last shots. 

19) Video Compress: Significantly reduce the video file size without reducing the resolution of the video itself. 

20) Save storage space: Perfect Video only saves video locations, so imported videos don't take up much storage space (be careful not to delete the original video you are editing). 

21) High Resolution: Support for many formats, including 1920 x 1080 HD, support up to 4K resolution on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and later models. 

22) Share: Save videos to your camera roll or share them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or in Mail. 

23) Instant Execution: All orders are executed instantly. You won't have to wait any longer!

If you have any inquiry or suggestion, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank!