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Android phone running slow problem

  Just like us humans, smartphones tend to slow down over time as their default intelligence becomes obsolete. Unlike our tender mammalian brains, your phone's response time can actually be improved.

In fact, a few things we just did should make a noticeable difference: clean up your storage, uninstall unused apps (both apps that came pre-installed on your phone and apps you installed yourself but no longer use), and experience from a launcher Dedicated to a more perfect home screen environment.

On top of that, some of the same steps I describe in my  Android Data Saver guide  can make a huge boost to your device's overall speed — things like eliminating unnecessary background activity, compressing your mobile web experience, and switching to lightweight versions of apps. (See this article for a step-by-step breakdown of each of these areas.)

Finally, a hidden Android setup might make the most obvious impact of all. You will first have to activate the Android developer settings on your phone to find it:

  • Open the About phone section in the system settings and find the line called "Build number". (On Samsung phones, you will have to click on a line titled “Software Information” before you see the “Build number” line.)
  • Click on this line seven times.
  • Enter your PIN, pattern, or password when prompted.

Once this is done, go back to the main system settings menu. On some phones, you'll see the new Developer Options section right in that main menu; On other devices, like Google's Pixel devices, you'll have to enter the system partition and then tap on Advanced to find it. However you get there, click on this section and scroll down until you see the graphic header.

There you'll find three animation-related options: "Window Animation Scale", "Transition Animation Scale" and "Animation Duration Scale". Click on each of these and change its setting from the default "1x animation scale" to "off animation". And don't mess around with anything else in the Developer Options area while you're there; It has some complicated stuff that is not meant for regular phone owners and can mess up your phone if used improperly.

05 android fixes animation speed
JR Rafael / IDG

Android's animation scale settings, hidden in the system developer options, can instantly make any phone feel faster.

Go back to your home screen and try to navigate your phone - open your app drawer, scroll down on the notification panel, enter and exit apps, and so on. Everything should feel faster than it was before.